Why should BCCI and Virat Kohli remove Pervez Rasool from the Indian cricket team?

Any sportsperson is often see with dignity and respect. Especially cricket in India which is the most loved sports  is refereed to as gentleman’s game. So it is expected from people who represent the sport to behave with dignity.

Most people see these players as their role model and follow their foot path. Their every act has a huge influence on the minds of people. Pervez Rassol an Indian cricketer who was caught in huge controversy when he was found to be chewing gum during National Anthem has become the talking point on social media.

The National Anthem was being played yesterday before the start of the match between India and England. While all his teammates stood singing National Anthem with pride, this man Pervez Rassool was chewing gum and looked diverted through out the National Anthem. His callous attitude has shamed the sports and the Nation. Pervez Rasool who returned to international cricket after a gap of 2 years was looking for a major breakthrough but instead brought shame to the game.

Pervez Rasool had a controversial background and now his act of disrespecting the National Anthem has again built doubts around him. When he was four, he is alleged to have participated in the protest against Indian Army for siegeing the revered Muslim Dargah Hazratbal in Kashmir. Later in his teens, he said to have participated in many protests opposing the AFSPA given to Indian Army. The biggest hindrance to his career came when he was arrested in Bangalore for allegedly carrying explosives in his sports kit in the year 2009. Pervez Rasool had represented Jammu Kashmir team and was to play against Karnataka in the under 22 competition when he was interrogated by the Bangalore police after they received certain inputs from Intelligence.

However he was released later and all charges against him were dropped. But the question is, how can a player be so irresponsible after what he has been accused of? Following the incident, the people of social media have trashed him for his attitude and questioned his intentions for disrespecting the National Anthem. It is hard to believe that Pervez was out of sync and forgot to pay attention to the National Anthem. Whether he did it on purpose or mistake, he has definitely shamed the sports and Nation.


Aishwarya S


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