Be cautious : What to expect now after the surgical strikes ?

Today, Indian Army special forces crossed LoC, entered PoK and killed many of the terrorists and also destroyed 8 terror camps. The official numbers state that 40 terrorists were killed while unofficial numbers are close to about 150. After strikes by Indian Army, it is very obvious that Pakistan will not remain quiet and will aim for revenge. Given the might of India both militarily and diplomatically, Pakistan will not at all attack Indian army directly. But since Pakistan establishments official policy is to bleed India by thousand cuts, be ready for these.

It is not hidden that Pakistani terror groups like Lashkar and Jaish have a very strong sleeper cell in India such as SIMI, IM and other small groups. In all probability, Pakistan will activate these sleeper cells for carrying terrorist attacks. Also, since spreading communal tension is very simple, and it can play a major role in destabilizing Narendra Modi government, Pakistani terror groups will activate social media and mainstream media sleeper cells. There will be attempts to create terror by spreading rumours.. Please don’t forward any such news which you feel can be a rumour on whatsapp/Faccebook/SMS/etc. before verifying authenticity of the news you have heard.. Don’t help enemy by being carrier for these rumours intended towards creating disturbances.

Indian Army can deal anyone from across the border. Hence Pakistan army will not try to attack the borders anytime soon. It will ask the sleeper cells of Indian Mujahiddeen and other misguided brainwashed supporters of these extremist groups residing on Indian soil to carry out many terror attacks as the one which happened in Varanasi, Jaipur or Mumbai train blasts. Be extremely VIGILANT amd inform any suspicious activity to police as soon as possible. Let us become the eyes and ears of Indian security system. Let us be extremely careful of any suspicious activity or suspicious unclaimed items at public places.

This is a typical strategy in tensed times.. dont fall for it.. if you see anyone doing so.. stop him/her immediately. We all have to co-operate with our forces now.. Please share this with your friends and help the nation to stay firm, confident and progressive..


Team Postcard
(Kshitij Mohan)