Beaware Kannadigas ! Don’t be a victim of CM Siddaramaiah dirty politics of dividing North and South India

CM Siddaramaiah has always played dirty politics of divide and rule

Dirty politicians have always followed the same strategy that was under the British rule and has always divided people based on religion, caste and creed for their political benefits. The disease of spreading caste politics is increasing under the Congress rule and seems to have no end.

In order to retain their Government in Karnataka, Congress party and CM  Siddaramaiah has always crossed every limit. For fulfilling their political goals CM  Siddaramaiah has always played dirty politics of divide and rule. He has always tried to create the gap between North India and South India.

For garnering the votes he has played the move by dividing the people on the basis of caste and religion. He divided the Hindus and created a separate religion out of it. He proposed Modi Government to seek separate religion status for the Lingayat community. He wants to give minority status to religion in Karnataka and he also ordered them not to follow Hinduism or else they will lose the facilities provided by the state government.

Although his own party in 2013 had denied the request for granting separate religion status to Lingayat community. At that time Congress said: “If Veershaiva-Lingayats are treated as a separate religion from Hindus, all SCs of the sect would lose their constitutional status”

But now as the elections approached near the same party who denied it and his leader raised again. And it is very clear from this move that their only agenda is to divide the people on the basis of caste and creed and they hold no interest in the welfare of people. According to their own needs at the different time, they will react to the same situation differently.

In India due to its diversity, political parties have always tried to garner benefit for fulfilling their political ambitions by dividing people. By this move, CM Siddaramaiah directly wanted to target the Lingayat voters that account for 17-18% of the state’s population.

Not only this he has always tried to create a rift between North India and South India by always talking stupid. Before PM Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi visit the election campaigning in Karnataka he targeted PM Modi and CM Yogi by saying that BJP Karnataka is importing from North India as they do not have any deserving candidate in South India. By saying this he has clearly reflected his and his party thinking who always differentiates people based on caste, creed and colour.

It’s not the end here. Even after this when he went at Badami for the filling his nomination he tweeted “I remember how Pulakeshi II defeated the powerful North Indian King Harshavardana on the banks of Narmada. I seek your blessings for building a Nava Karnataka.” By saying this what CM Siddaramaiah actually meant? Again he reflected his thinking that just like Pulakeshi II he also want to defeat PM Narendra Modi who is a North Indian leader. Again he made the bizarre statement of not seeing people of the nation in unison. It clearly shows Siddaramaiah a ‘Divider’ instead of a politician who believes in the ‘Unison’ of India.

However, how hard Congress and Siddaramaiah has tried to create this division but they are not going to be successful in their attempts. Karnataka is not going to fall into their trap and is going to show them their real place tomorrow. Kannadigas do vote for BJP and reject these masters of divisive politics who are dividing and looting the nation.