Before stealing Rafale documents, The Hindu’s chairman did this! Senior journalist Chitra Subramaniam expose the past cunning act of N Ram

During the Supreme Court hearing on Rafale fighter jet deal, the Indians came to know that the secret document related to Rafale was stolen by an English daily newspaper. Needless to say that the government was hinting at the left leaning and anti-Modi newspaper The Hindu.

When the Modi government said that a case will be lodged to find out who stole the documents on behalf of the The Hindu, its chairman N Ram said “we are committed to protecting our sources” in the Rafale case.

But his hypocrisy was exposed by senior journalist Chitra Subramaniam. During the Bofors scam that took place during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure, N Ram had leaked the names of the investigative journalists involved in it. Due to this, the lives of Chitra Subramaniam and her source in Sweden were under threat.

Exposing the dubious nature of The Hindu’s chairman N Ram, Chitra Subramaniam said “Bofors India was a ten year investigation. N Ram and I worked on it together only for some 20 months. My principle source in Sweden was Sten Lindstrom. N Ram shared his name in Delhi without telling me. My security and that of Sten Lindstrom was severely compromised by N. Ram. I was not allowed to call Sten Lindstrom while he figured out who was responsible for outing his name”.

Now the question is with whom did he share the name? Was he trying to save the politicians involved in the scam? She added “N Ram had nothing to do with the epic court battles in Switzerland, which was won by India. He had no direct sources in Europe ever. Proof? The day I was fired by The Hindu, N Ram’s sources dried up”. She further expressed her anger saying “Will never forgive that, never”.

Even after stealing the Rafale related documents, The Hindu’s N Ram had deliberately cropped a document in order to benefit Rahul Gandhi so that he could further his lies.

Hansika Raj