‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ : How this quote fits perfectly in context of ‘terrorist nation’ Pakistan !

They say, “Beggars have no choice”! But one benefactor has always been soft on this beggar! Now, the beggar turns infamous! The benefactor can”™t support the beggar without risking his reputation! Yeah, I”™m talking about Pakistan, a country whose Main Survival Source has been “˜Charity”™ from the United States!

The total aid obligated by the United States to Pakistan since Independence (1948-2016) is $ 78.3 Billion! Whoa! Such a huge sum should have taken the economy of the beggar country to the great heights!But Pakistan remained “˜a Constant Beggar”™! The US Tax-payers”™ money was never used for the public good! It was poured into their Defense!  Several Politicians and Policy-makers in the United States have the opinion that the economic survival of Pakistan rests on the charity of the US! Pakistan is ridiculed by the world for accepting the handouts from the US with shameless willingness, but not be a good slave to them!

Yesterday, in the major turn of events, two American Lawmakers have introduced legislation in the US Congress to designate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism. Heinous Uri attack compelled the world to ponder over what Mr Modi has been calling out from last two years! The bill was moved by Congressman, Ted Poe from Texas, who is the chairman of the house Subcommittee on Terrorism, and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California, who is the strong votary of Baloch Cause.

 Now, this event is undoubtedly a major setback to Pakistan! It definitely washed away the effect of Pakistan PM, Nawaz Sharif”™s promotion of Kashmir Issue through his yesterday”™s speech at UNGA!  Three months from now, the US President Barak Obama has to issue a report detailing whether or not Pakistan has provided support for International Terrorism!30 days thereon, the Secretary of  State will have to issue a follow up  Report for/against Pakistan with detailed justification! Four months to go!

The world has long stopped buying Pakistan”™s claim of victimhood! In fact Pakistan is the biggest Exporter of Terror to India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, USA, France and the entire world. Their state policy is to propagate terrorism! It”™s a protective abode for 48 Terror Organizations including Jehad , Taliban and Laskhar”“e-Tyeba ! Terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and Sayyed Salahuddin roam scot-free and conduct open rallies in the centre of cities!

 The US too has enough personal reasons to finalize the verdict against Pakistan! Pakistan has been constantly back-biting them in spite of taking their help for 70 years!  There have been cuts in the funds after the major incidents like 9/11 Attacks, Pakistan”™s prolonged inaction against Haqqani network and revelations of Osama Bin Laden holed up in Pakistan! The strong criticism of Pakistan in the US Senate is at par with the hate of Pakistani people for the USA! And not to forget the open dislike of the US for Pakistan ever since it became ally with India under Modi Government! Having said that, the possibility of US verdict in favor of Pakistan can”™t be completely ruled out! The US has always been soft on them! Speaking Economy-wise, the major portion of funds donated by the US to Pakistan rolls back to them through the contracts of Arms and Ammunitions! Not a reason handy enough though, when the whole world is standing in solidarity with India!

Let”™s discuss what India would gain if Pakistan is designated as a Terrorist Country! There will be an abrupt termination to the charity flow from the US! For the country surviving on Charity, It might literally result in “™divide-by-zero”™ Crisis! It would end as a major setback to the Defense of Pakistan! Kashmir issue will evaporate into thin air as the funds to Separatists will stop! POK will be reunited with India after seven long decades! Baluchistan will slip away from their clutches and gain freedom!   Baluchistan being India”™s ally, its freedom is a gain to India! All this is not a far-fetched dream, but a practicallyachievable reality once the basic support system of Pakistan in crashed!  The isolated weakling nation will fade as a non-entity! And the world, especially India will say,”Good Riddance“!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi