Begging, a Menace to India; How Stingy people encourage it which eventually suffocates India’s growth

Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant, Journalist and many more professions are regularly opted but there is another profession which is rigorously followed by more than half a million Indians. This profession, instead of adding value to India has put India into shame. It is even disheartening as the authorities have never shown much attention on this. The name of the profession is begging and this is a menace.

When a vehicle is stopped by the red signal light, we can see a bunch of young kids, a woman with old torn clothes carrying a baby or an elderly person knocking at your car window and beg you for money. After couple of knocks at the car window, the window will be lowered and at the most Rs 10 will be given to the beggar. The person who gave alms will gain the attention until the red signal lights disappear. But are these real donors? Will they ever go to an orphanage and donate money? The answer is no; they will never do that. So aren’t these promoting the beggars to beg further by giving alms?

Many will give money because of pity by looking at their torn cloths or dusty face. By doing this, they are supporting to push India further down socially. Aged people are genuinely unable to work so they can be given money because they don’t even have house of their own or even a rented one to take shelter. But giving alms to teenage kids or young women is equal to a crime. India is trying to come out of the tag of poverty struck nation but this cannot be achieved until begging is erased from the society.

Is begging a menace?

Recently we had reports emerging in media that a beggar had deposited money worth in lakh in his bank account. So it is clear that begging is not taken up merely to fulfil the stomach by the unemployed but is taken as a profession. In several cases it is found that the entire family is involved in begging. The number will keep in growing after marriage and child birth.

Many Bangladeshis are in various parts of India with the mask of beggars. These are found outside the temples and the crowded places like bus stand. These when not satisfied with the income they get from begging, start to take part in anti-social activities like robbery or even murder. What is shocking is that they will be never be traced as they won’t have any permanent or fixed house.

Are Beggars controlled by Gangsters?

Many handicapped elders without family will be pushed to begging after they won’t find any ways to fill their stomach but we cannot ignore the fact that there exists a nexus in begging. Yes, where are the missing kids go who are allegedly kidnapped? They are either pushed into prostitution, body parts like kidney are removed and finally they are made to beg. The money accumulated by begging will be grabbed by the gangsters at the end of the day and a meagre share or not even a penny is given to the child. So by giving money to the kids who are spotted in metros, bus stands, traffic signals, we are encouraging these gangsters.

Wherever foreign visitors are seen, these beggars will loiter around them. This will create bad image on India in the minds of the foreigners. But tragedy is that even if these beggars are given employment, these won’t agree to work as begging is a far easier job.

Gangs associated with beggars are high in the cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgoan, Mumbai, Kolkata etc.

Gangsters hook in teenage beggars to sell and deliver drugs and other banned items to the assigned person. This will eventually be supplied to college student and youths.

What should we do to stop this?

Simple, we need to stop giving money to the beggars. We are not just giving few rupees but encouraging these teenage beggars not to work. There are few exceptions as certain handicaps and elderly people who don’t have any family are forced to beg. We can take a bit of trouble and admit them in orphanage too.

The government’s role is very big in this as the govt can make use of this half a million individuals and use it as an asset. Schemes can be launched focusing on them, by doing this they can be prevented from begging.

Source: http://www.mapsofindia.com/my-india/society/begging-in-india-a-menace-to-the-society

Nishika Ram