Who is behind Dera violence? Why Congress and media desperately wants Haryana CM Khattar to go?

Punjab and Haryana saw massive protests and violence on 25th August following the court verdict on self proclaimed God man Ram Rahim. Soon after the verdict was announced convicting Ram Rahim, his so called supporters went on rampage in Punjab and Haryana destroying public property and setting trains and buses on fire. Many vehicles were set ablaze which resulted in massive property loss.

Soon, the Haryana government imposed curfew and shoot at sight order was issued which killed over 30 people. But what was very surprising is, soon after the violence broke out, the entire focus in media was on Haryana and not Punjab even though the violence was equally bad in Punjab. All media channels launched a campaign demanding the resignation of Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar at the same time and called him a failure. No one bothered about Punjab and no media channel demanded resignation of Punjab CM even though he made an irresponsible comment saying “Violent mob cannot be stopped.”

The media never analysed the situation, did not check who was behind the attack, but was only interested in demanding Haryana CM resignation. The channels even propagated a fake news saying central leadership was unhappy with Haryana government and wanted Khattar to resign. But this turned out to be a fake news to pressurize Modi government to sack Khattar. The media exactly voiced the opinion of the Congress which desperately wants Khattar to go.

But the real fact emerging now is that, the violence was not just a sudden emotional outburst but a well orchestrated plan to reap political benefits. The preliminary investigation has revealed that over 2 lakh people were sent to Haryana on the day of the verdict from Punjab. Many people injured in the violence have confessed to the police that they were asked to go to Haryana to create protests and violence. People arrested during the protests have reiterated that they were given money and sent to Haryana and they were not Ram Rahim’s followers. A mob of 2.5 lakhs had gathered on the day of verdict, among them, 2 lakh people have said to have come from Punjab. But what is surprising is the police incharge in the border area did not stop these mobs from entering Haryana, despite having intelligence report of possible violence.

The Punjab CM himself endorsed he was well aware that lakhs were heading towards Haryana prior to Ram Rahim verdict.


So the question is why did not Punjab CM stop his people from entering Haryana? Why did the police allow the violent mobs galvanize against Haryana government’s order?? The only people who would benefit with such violence is the Congress which can demand CM Khattar’s resignation.

The media played in the hands of Congress by spreading false news that Khattar government failed to control the mob which is absolutely fake. If one was in Haryana, they would know the violence was controlled within hours after shoot at sight order was issued. Within 24 hours, all the anti social elements were arrested and mobs were dispersed and sent back to Punjab. Next day there was no SINGLE incident of violence reported in any place in Haryana.

But the real question is why is Congress hell bent on Khattar resignation? why do they desperately want him to go? The answer is to save Robert Vadra and the Gandhi family. Yes, Congress isn’t attacking Khattar for no reason. Their worry is not about Ram Rahim or Haryana or violence, but are worried about Robert Vadra’s corruption case and illegal land acquisition which is all set to go to CBI very soon.

The Khattar government has taken up investigation against Robert Vadra and may soon hand over the case to CBI. The probe has been initiated and massive evidence has been collected against Vadra which has already sent shivers to Sonia Gandhi. They never know when the CBI may start interrogating Robert Vadra or even seek his arrest. This will turn out to be a massive blow to Congress. The Congress has been trying to stop the investigations by all route, but Modi government has given clear orders not to compromise on corruption cases.

So, the only way to stop these investigations is to malign Haryana government, sack Khattar and later call the investigation a action of vengeance. Congress can go to any extent to save Gandhi family which has been proved time and again. Be it is Jat protests, Rampal crackdown or Dera violence, the target was CM Khattar and nothing else!!!

Aishwarya S