Being a VIP son is more important than being a Soldier!

Karnataka on 1st August witnessed two different tragic events. But somehow all the focus was on one event. Yes, the entire Karnataka media was in CM Siddaramaiah son”™s (Rakesh) funeral. Many people did not even know what was the other tragic event.
Two soldiers Subedar Basappa Patil from a village in Gokak and Sepoy Hasansab Khudavand from Navalgunda taluk in Dharwad were killed in a landmine blast in the Kargil sector along LoC on July 29th. The soldiers were cremated on 1st August in their home towns.
It was heart wrenching to see that people who gave their life for the country could not even get ten minutes media attention for their sacrifice. It is natural for anyone to be sad when their close one”™s pass away, what is unnatural is how much hype and sympathy is created around a person just because he belongs to a VIP class. The media for 24hrs depicted CM son”™s death as a great loss to Karnataka itself. They showed minute to minute details on who was Rakesh Siddaramaiah, when he died, where he died, how much did his father cry, who consoled him etc.. etc..etc. The entire state ministry, leaders from opposition parties, congress leaders from Kerala, centre and film fraternity visited the funeral ceremony.
Was Rakesh so important? Was he the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, actor, sportsman, did he bring any glory to our country? What was his contribution to Karnataka? What so ever, our politicians and media obviously considered his VIP status to be greater than any soldier”™s sacrifice.
This incident also reminds us of how the EX-CM of Kerala Mr V S Achuthanandan had insulted Late NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who was killed during 26/11 Mumbai attack saying “not even a dog would have visited the house had it not been the martyr’s”.
May be these insults would never have happened if these soldiers were also son”™s of big politicians and VIPs.

Soldiers ask for no attention, no reward, no benefit for their work….The smallest tribute we can give is to respect their supreme sacrifice!!!