Believe it?! This Place is Called the “FAKE CURRENCY CAPITAL of INDIA” !!!

There is one place in West Bengal where the entire town has come to stand still. All trade, business and every other activity in the entire town has hit a road block.

Since one week we have been hearing that many of illegal money after demonetization have been burnt on streets, thrown in garbage and also dumped into Ganga river. Some people don’t even know what to do with the bundles of notes stacked up inside their home. Reports from Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and Bangalore say that mining barons, corrupts babus and government employees have been paying their workers help them get rid of the stacked money from their houses.

Mean time after demonetization, the violence in Kashmir has come to sudden stop, naxal and Maoists activities have almost gone down 90% in areas of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. Yes these are all expected results.

But there is one place in West Bengal where the entire town has come to stand still. All trade, business and every other activity in the entire town has hit a road block.

Kaliachawk, a border town in Malda, West Bengal, is regarded as the FAKE CURRENCY CAPITAL OF INDIA.Click To Tweet

Kaliachawk is a border town in the Malda district of West Bengal, which regarded as the FAKE CURRENCY CAPITAL OF INDIA. Here the entire village lives on fake currency trading. The fake currencies are manufactured in Bangladesh and are illegally supplied into this town. The villagers here act as courier man facilitating the illegal trade through border. The Border Security Force spends most of its time keeping vigilance on the illegal trade, but tracking the trade becomes so impossible as every local house is involved in the scam.

A BSF officer told that the illegal trade of money is done through chains, from the point of origin in Bangladesh to Kaliachawk, there would be atleast 20-25 people involved and they act as couriers. Each person covers only 100 meters and is passed on to next person, so it becomes very difficult to track the route. The fake currency is then distributed to various parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.The most commonly used method is the syndicate dealing by construction brokers and real estate.

Many times they are also delivered to political parties, this mostly reaches peak during election time. They are also used to ignite riots and violence, which is very common in Malda. The Malda riots in 2016 was typical example as to how entire police station was burnt and people were attacked.

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The BSF jawan also said the fake currency trade is mainly responsible for illegal cow smuggling across the border, drugs supply and arms dealing in the region. The most prone areas of illegal currency trade are Churiantapur, Char Sujapur and Pardeonapur on the Indian side and Thutupara, Kusumpur and Ghughudanga on the Bangladesh side.


More over, the fake currency note trade is also supported by many local politicians and political parties. They are used enormously for purchasing weapons, making bombs and buying drugs. The political parties mostly involve innocent people and youths into the trade.


There are many incidents of how youths have been killed while making local bombs in Malda.


Special DG RP Singh said that “The overall and immediate impact of the currency ban has been stunning all along the India-Bangladesh border,”. So its brought some relief to the BSF and many police units engaged in Malda region. He says, the patrol team on border was on high alert since the locals who completely depend on black market have been hit badly and they do not have any means of income. So there are possibilities that they will try to snatch money from people, involve in robbery and theft.

The police also said, since a week the entire border area has fallen silent and the illegal trade groups are just following Wait and Watch policy as they do not have much option.

Without taking anyone’s name, one of the police said that few political parties are demanding a roll back of demonetization and this is exactly what the illegal traders want. They are helping the terror outfits and illegal fake note currency.


The traders are in no position to throw all the stacks of money immediately as the BSF is on high alert and will easily track them. So they are slowly trying to dispose off the old notes without gaining much attention.

The worst part is many of the influential politicians and businessmen are using local poor people to get their notes exchanged and deposited into accounts. In just 3 days the banks in Malda witnessed crores of rupees being deposited in accounts.

Niti Rani is a bidi (Local cigarette) worker, she gets Rs 100/day for tying bidis, she cannot read or write a word, but she carried Rs 1 Lakh hard cash and deposited in her account.The interesting part is her account was nil since three years when she opened and now all of a sudden there is One Lakh Rupees. Niti Rani said, her husband gave her the money and told her to deposit, she doesn’t know where the money came from and had never seen one lakh in her whole life.



Another lady called Nasima Bibi, who had never visited bank once in her life, deposited 1.20 Lakhs. She also recites same story saying her husband gave her the money and she has no idea where it came from.

Majumpur branch of SBI has 12,000 accounts, mostly all belong to bidi workers and small laborers. Bankers notice that they have been receiving exactly around 8 lakhs daily and its being deposited only by certain account holders. But rest of the accounts are still inactive.


The bank manager says that all the people who are depositing high cash are only house wives and bidi workers. The reason the bank are keeping close vigil is because Majumpur is the main center of fake note supply chain.

Looking at these figures, one can definitely say that big illegal chains have been trying to get all their black money deposited in their workers account.

Aishwarya S