The best Modi cartoon that went viral on New Year’s eve!

We may have seen a number of pictures of Modi which have become popular among the masses. There were many cartoon videos which went viral during the 2014 general elections. The one, that most of us remember is India Today’s “So Sorry” video of Modi being the “DON”. This was not surprising since the entire country was in election fever.

But this time, very unusually on a day when the entire country was busy celebrating New Year, Modi was the most talked person on New Year’s eve. Modi who had announced the shocking news of demonetization 2 months back on November 8th had literally scared all the corrupts and black money holders with his brave decision. Corrupts with crores of stacked money who though nobody can ever touch them were literally on roads desperately trying to save their money. It was a historic day in every sense which probably will be remembered for very long.

Modi after the announcement had given another shock to corrupts that his next target will be benami property holders. This was something which nobody expected and hence sent shivers to black money holders especially in political parties. Nobody knew when he will announce the crack down of benami property holders.

Meantime all the media collected reports saying that Modi will again address the nation on 31st December at 7.30 PM and is likely to announce few major reforms. Although media has never been right in predicting the Prime Minister’s decision, the entire country went into panic mode. Some people on whats app and facebook started spreading false stories that PM is likely to ban the new 2000 rupee notes, he may announce the benami property crack down, etc etc.

The entire country for the first time forgot about New Year celebrations at 12 PM and instead were waiting for 7.30 PM for Modi’s speech. Unbelievably many people who had made reservations at hotels and pubs had requested the Pub owners to telecast Modi’s speech at 7.30. Yes NO KIDDING…many pub owners in Delhi and other metro cities had in fact agreed to the demand.

Prime Minister Modi the New Rockstar, Read What People Have Demanded the Pub Owners for New Year!

No body had slightest idea what Modi had in his mind. But few economists who have been following Modi’s way of working knew that he will not make the mistake of creating panic among people on New Year’s eve, but will definitely give a good news for the working middles class, farmers and urban poor.

The team that predicted this was who are well known for their best political and economic analysis. They released a Cartoon as to what will happen at 7.30 PM and the situation turned out to be almost same!

Take a look!

What does Narendra Modi have to say tonight?

Happy New Year Mitron!

This picture went VIRAL on social media and in whatsapp…probably there was no person who did not receive this picture. This picture perfectly depicted what was going to happen at 7.30 PM on New Year’s eve!

Aishwarya S