Beware Indian Army, This is China-Pakistan’s Master Plan to Trap Indian Army Officers!

India has a distinction of having one of the most hostile neighborhood. We have been surrounded by Pakistan and China, we have War history with both the Nations. We believe now the days of traditional War have been over, we can see several new avenues of War in current era. We can see different Nations waging Economy-War, Cyber War, and Propaganda War against their Opponents.

Amid all these different way of fighting your Enemies, there is an ancient way to infiltrate the ranks of the opponents forces…..Honey Trap. It is a traditional technique to lure the Opponents using attractive women and then force them to expose the critical secrets about force and establishment.

In a major turn of events, Indian intelligence agencies have sounded an alarm over increasing attempts by Pakistan and Chinese agencies to “Honeytrap” Indian officers using attractive women.

An intelligence warning has been issued to the forces asking them to spread awareness among their men again such attempts by the enemy operatives. Good looking women of Pakistani, Chinese origin speaking fluent Urdu, English have been deployed to lay trap for Indian officers.

It is also observed that that internet habits of Indian officers are also being tracked by foreign intelligence agencies. Officers using smartphones of Chinese origin are particularly under their radar. Especially those visiting porn sites or looking to make friendship with women using social media are being monitored closely by ISI and Chinese intelligence agencies.

The“Honeytrap” Modus Operandi

First of all these Intelligence agencies select their respective targets. As mentioned above, these agencies keep a close vigil over the Officers and once they observe their behavior, their needs and their pattern of Social Media usage, they induct any Urdu speaking Pakistani woman or English speaking Chinese female make first contact with their target through WhatsApp or Facebook.

The woman then lure the officer using Urdu ‘Shayri’ or ‘flowery Hindi’. After a few days of cajoling over the phone, the woman sets up a meeting at a coffee shop, restaurant, cinema hall or shopping mall with the target.

As per the planning the woman entices the officer with offering him sexual favor. The act is secretly videotaped using highly secret devices. The covert courtship continues for a few days with the woman claiming to be a rich, lonely and unsatisfied housewife.

The woman then uses the video tape of her intimate interaction to blackmail the officer and garner critical information from him about the armed forces.

Incidents in past

In 2014, an Indian Army Subedar based in Hyderabad was arrested after investigations revealed that he compromised strategic information pertaining to movement of defence personnel, deployment, location of artillery centres, advanced weaponry, and army bases in exchange for monetary benefits to the tune of Rs 10 lakh from a woman named Anushka Aggarwal. Investigations also revealed that Aggarwal used to send her semi-nude pictures to her army client.

Few years back an Indian Air force Personnel Airman Ranjith K K, was arrested for passing sensitive information to his Facebook friend DaminiMcNaught. Ranjith had reportedly passed on classified information about IAF and its activities, including details of Operation Inderdhanush-a joint military exercise between India and the U.K. He also admitted to having passed on Air Force related information pertaining to movement of aircraft and deployment of various units in the IAF in exchange for monetary benefits

Even our Intelligence Agencies have been lured by these honeytraps. A RAW officer K.V. Unnikrishnan was another Indian officer convicted and punished for falling prey to the charms of a suspected agent in the disguise of a Pan Am air hostess. Unnikrishnan was then posted at the RAW office in Chennai and was dealing with the LTTE. He was arrested in 1987 and jailed for leaking out sensitive information.

Manish Sharma