Is Bhagavad Gita and Holy Quran are same in ideologies ? Facts will stun you


What can be the similarities between a book of whimsical rules and a book of philosophy?

Let’s see what the Quran says:

  1. Quran says – Islam is the only true religion and it’s the religion of Allah.
  2. Believers will go to heaven, and there is nothing less than hell for the Kafirs (nonbelievers).
  3. Heaven is the goal of mankind and they should try to get it throughout their life.
  4. Five prayers, Haj, belief in prophets and Allah is mandatory otherwise be ready for the hell fire.
  5. You have to follow the book which has been sent down to you and this is your certificate of good deeds. If you don’t do this, then no matter how saintly you are, you’ll be thrown into the hell by the same God who is the most merciful and most beneficent.
  6. Don’t imitate the Kafirs. ( Hasn’t the same God created them?)


Now let’s have a look what Geeta says on these 6 points :


  1. Oops! What does this term ‘religion’ mean?
  2. It’s your Karma that will decide your fate. No religion and no hell or heaven has any place in the Geeta.
  3. What the hell is this ‘heaven’? Peace of mind is the ultimate happiness and Moksha is the ultimate goal.
  4. No rules. You have to do your duties and they will be changing according to the situations. You have to check the relevance of already accomplished laws. It’s not like Prophet Abraham used to do a thing 5000 years ago so only this will be right for me.
  5. You can be good no matter what way you followAn Atheist can be equally knowledgeable and he will have to pay only for his misdeeds, not for being an Atheist!
  6. There are no Kafirs and no Momins . All are equal souls and God doesn’t discriminate between them.


This is what I found and it’s my personal opinion. Note that I have freedom of speech and you have the right to disagree. Let’s respect each other’s rights.

Now it’s up to you to find the similarities. Please read both the books with an unbiased approach and see.

Meenakshi Thakur


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