Bhai Singha Purohit! A Brave Sikh Warrior Who Killed Mughal Commander Mohammed Ali And Helped The Sikh Army To Win The Battle Against Mughals!

And Helped The Sikh Army To Win The Battle Against Mughals!

Sikhism was established as a Panth by Guru Nanak ji while it was transformed as a Militia under the guidance of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru. The main motive of Sikhism was to fight against the tyranny of Muslim rulers on our Country. They are like lions in battle and, in times of peace, they surpass Hatim (in generosity).

There are numerous tales of bravery and valour of the Sikhs and one among them is the story of Bhai Singha Purohit. Bhai Singha Purohit was a great warrior. He was a mighty commander of Sikh Army.  He originally belonged to Brahmin Purohit family, so he is mentioned as ‘Singha Purohit’ in few Sikh history books.

Mughals had planned to attack and destroy the Sikhs living in Amritsar, Guru Hargobind instructed his Sikhs to leave Amritsar complex and decided to fight Mukhlis Khan outside of Amritsar complex. He wanted to minimize casualties for the battle and not disrespect by starting battle within the complex of Amritsar.

Later, when Gury’s family was about to leave, they came to know that Bibi Viro, the daughter of Guru Hargobind Sahib was missing. It is said that while the family was leaving the city, she was playing with dolls and other toys. In such haste, no one could know that she did not sit on any carts, which were being used to take the family members out of the city. Meanwhile, the Mughal Army had entered in the city. Bibi Viro was alone in the complex while Mughal army men were roaming in the entire city.

Now, Guru Gobind Singh needed someone who  could bring Bibi back and he had to choose a strong and brave warrior. That is when he chose Bhai Singha Purohit. He was their close family friend and Bibi knew   him well.

He sent Bhai Babak Rababi to accompany him. Bhai Baabak Rababi was not only a great Ragi of Guru’s court but a Sikh of great courage. As per Guru’s instructions, both the warriors disguised themselves as Mughal Army soldiers. They carried Gun given by Guru Hargobind in case they needed to face enemies.Meanwhile, the Army of Mughals had reached Amritsar city and they were looking for Guru Hargobind and Sikhs throughout the city.

Bhai Singha rescued Bibi Viro from the complex and when Bhai Singha ran his horse, Bibi Viro’s shoe fell down. Some small bells were attached to that shoe, which ringed. Mughal chief heard this and yelled very loud. Bhai Singha and Bhai Baabak did not waste their time and ran away on their horses. When Bhai Singha saw enemies coming near he asked Bhai Babak to shoot and kill enemies. Bhai Babak followed the instructions and shot and killed. Both the warriors reached in front of Guru Hargobind Sahib and thus saved Bibi Viro.

While this rescue was going on, the battle outside of the city of Amritsar had already started. Sikhs were fighting bravely in the dark of night. Many Sikhs were martyred in the battlefield. Guru Hargobind called Bhai Singha Purohit and asked him to go to the battle because other Sikh warriors were being martyred by the Mughal Army.

Next day five hundred warrior Sikhs were under the command of Bhai Singha Purohit .Riding on horse’s back, Bhai Singha reached the battlefield. As soon as he reached there with his jatha, guns started to fire all around them. The enemy attacked like a full flowing river. Mohammed Ali was leading the enemy’s army.

Mohammed Ali understood that it was Singha who was killing all his soldiers. Hundreds of Mughal horsemen surrounded Bhai Singha, who was fighting all alone there.

Mohammed Ali ordered to fire at Bhai Singha from all the directions. It was not possible for Bhai Singha to save him from bullets. He was all alone there in the battlefield fighting against the hundreds of Mughal horsemen. Some bullets injured him. Even then, Bhai Singha Purohit continued to kill the enemies. Bhai Singha shot an arrow, which struck into Mohammed Ali’s forehead. The gun fell down from Ali’s hand. Now, Bhai Singha shot another arrow, due to which Ali died there and his horse ran away.

Bhai Singha Purohit was now out of arrows. Mughuls came forward towards Bhai Singha and fired at once. Bhai Singha fell down, but enemy’s soldiers continued to attack him using swords. His limbs were cut to small pieces, which led to the death of a brave Sikh warrior.

Sharanya Alva


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