Bhajiawala in Surat held with Rs.1,45,50,800 in New Notes…Read What Else He has Hidden!

Kishore Bhajiawala is a financer and, expectedly knows the trick of the trade too well. Post demonetization, Kishore’s amass wealth did not bother him at all. He is a finance expert, and by all means, proved himself to be. However; like many more black money holders, he also met with the same fate.

No black, No white here; Kishore has been caught red-handed with Rs 1.45 crore of unaccounted money by the Income Tax inspectors. And it doesn’t end here. He has property worth Rs 400 crore.

Kishore did not bother about old currency- as he had ‘bankable’ sources on his side

At one point it seems that Kishore did outsmart ‘demonetization’. He had dummy accounts active, and is even accused to have helped close to 700 individuals in trading their old currency. He also sought help from 212 individuals earlier, for converting his old currency into white. This is how he became a millionaire (in new currency notes) in quick time. His new currency is worth Rs. 1,45,50,800 in new notes.

What he didn’t realise that as the news of alleged involvement of corrupt bank official’s surface, he will be robbed by his own sources.

A media report confirms that CBI sources have disclosed that Kishore, on Nov 12, 13 and 14, deposited Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 4 lakh, respectively in different bank accounts, through different people.  The investigating agency has found that the senior manager of People’s Cooperative Bank, Surat, Pankaj Bhatt, has also helped Kishore in some transactions. The agency is trying to find out other bank accounts which were used for the laundering of black money.

Kishore’s wealth is a jackpot for the government

His a mass illegal wealth is close to Rs 1,300 crore. His diversified list of assets includes row houses, flats, plots and commercial properties.

Till now, the Income Tax dept. has seized this from Kishore Bhajiawala:

Gold jewellery worth Rs. 4,92,96,314

Diamond jewellery worth Rs. 1,39,34,580

Silver ingots worth Rs. 77,81,800

Gold worth Rs. 1,48,88,133

Kishore has earned it all

The sources said that he used to give loans and once the debtor was not able to repay the loan, then he got the property transferred in his name. The source further said, “It is not possible to get such a large number of new currency notes without the involvement of bankers, so we have been probing the roles of various banks.”

Pooja Bhatia