Bharat finally has a Karmayogi as it’s leader!

Since the time Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over, his working style, and workaholic time schedule has been talk of the town. Ex US President Barack Obama even appreciated PM Modi’s dedicated efforts for nation, during his visit to New Delhi.

After working 8 hours in office we start cribbing and shouting on family and friends. But we have a PM whose minimum working hours every day are 16 hours. Just double of what we do. How is a 66 year old man working for 16 hours a day??? What is it that is empowering him to work round the clock. We keep listening stories from officials working with and around him that they have never seen a Prime Minister putting up maximum efforts to run the nation and take it forward to the zenith of development.

The inevitable characteristics of Prime Minister has made his opponents too appreciate him publicly and otherwise. Getting up early morning and daily Yoga session followed by quick breakfast and then his office starts. Attending all meetings, listening to and participating in all as the most inquisitive student and leader, making points, raising questions when it comes to benefits reaching people of Bharat and then getting it done. PM Modi ensures that none of his Government’s programme has anything that hurts people of this great nation and Bharat itself. All of us are aware of his fiery travel abroad. He meets, attends, addresses in a foreign nation, and again travels at night to next destination in order to save time and obviously cost.

So what is it that all the aforesaid details entail about our leader, our Prime Minister – that Bharat has finally got a Karm yogi it was waiting for centuries. We have a leader with a strong vision and now it is upon us to enable and empower him and join hands with him in his efforts to make our nation achieve all the lost glory and new heights of sustainable growth and development.



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