Bharat Niti Summit – The Digital Hindu! Know The Agenda, Focus, What The Summit Targets to achieve and How It Is Building A Platform For Active Participation Of Every Social Media User To Engage In Discussions on Dharma and Culture!

“Bharat Niti is an initiative to encourage objective study and in-depth analysis by citizens, policymakers, domain experts, researchers and commentators, on varied issues of national and international importance. It is a wide platform to bring various stakeholders together to deliberate and propose public policy in the wider national interest.

It also aims to network with and support similar initiatives taken to benefit larger humanity and protect our mother earth. The world is at a critical juncture and ancient wisdom of India can play an important role in guiding it towards a peaceful and sustainable co-existence. Bharat Niti aspires to light the path for the humanity so as to help it take right steps in the right direction.”

Bharat Niti is platform to shape up the narrative of contemporary India through the intrinsic values soaked with centuries of wisdom.

Bharat Niti has taken many initiatives to spread the rich cultural, spiritual, academical treasure the India has. A summit is being organized in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, named ‘Digital Hindu’.

About Digital Hindu:

Realising that the growth of digital communication channels has opened up many new opportunities to showcase and learn the rich cultural heritage of Hinduism and our civilisation at large. These new communication channels and mediums of volunteerism can be very helpful in eradicating the misconceptions about Hindu religion in masses.

In view of above, A national summit titled ‘THE DIGITAL HINDU’ has been brought forth which will pave the way in uniting various agents and organisations working towards achieving the same will further devise new ways and guidelines to achieve it.

The topics such as how aspects related to strengthening Hindu dharma and culture through modern technological means, building dialogues for conflict resolution through modern communication, facing challenges of information and misinformation campaigns etc. Will be widely discussed in this summit.

An array of Thinkers, Visionaries and Speakers such as Sri SriRavishankar, Swami Sukhabodhananda, Rets.Maj.Gen.G.DBakshi, Rajiv Malhotra, SudhirChoudhary, Maria Worth, Tejasvi Surya, AnandRamanathan, Prashanth Patel Umrao and many others are going to take part in various discussions at the summit.

Topics of discussion will include:

– Digital media vis-a-vis ideological debates and public perception

– Preserving Hindu values and traditions in Social Media age

– Social Media: Avenue to clear distortions and mis-representations on Hindu religion

– Defending Hindu on Digital Media – New age activism

– Digital Media shaping Indian Nationalist Politics

– Social Media taking Sanatan Dharma across international frontiers

Many Hindus sought to preserve their religion by walking from village to village playing instruments and reciting passages from poems and sacred texts. They preserved Dharma, even when they were under brutal attacks and faced persecution.

How do we honor the efforts and sacrifices of our ancestors? We should do for the next generation what our forbears did for us. We should tell our story; we should teach the next generation the importance of our history and our culture and not let it fall by the wayside.

And thanks to all the luxury brought to us in the name of Social media, we need walk from village to village. We have world at the tip of our fingers, what more powerful tool then social media do we need to spread teachings our Dharma, it’s values?!

It is a well known fact that a anti Hindu narrative is being pushed across the globe. And to be able to combat the false narrative is the need of the hour and social media acts as an effective medium to fight these narratives.

We have seen non left social media activists’ being targeted by the many of the state governments, they have been harassed, jailed Under false accusations and cases. At one hand when we are trying to take our Dharma to the world and expose the false narrative being peddled aganist Dharma we should also protect those who are fighting to protect Dharma. Safeguarding fundamental rights of a social media activists’ too becomes important in this regard.

Swami Vivekananda says,

In search of religion, I had travelled among various sects — sects which had taken up the ideals of foreign nations as their own, and I had begged at the door of others, not knowing then that in the religion of my country, in our national religion, there was so much beauty and grandeur. It is now many years since I found Hinduism to be the most perfectly satisfying religion in the world. Hence I feel sad at heart when I see existing among my own countrymen, professing a peerless faith, such a widespread indifference to our religion — though I am very well aware of the unfavourable materialistic conditions in which they pass their lives — owing to the diffusion of European modes of thought in this, our great motherland.

(The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda by Swami Vivekananda. VolumeVolume 3, Lectures from Colombo to Almora. WHAT HAVE I LEARNT?Delivered at Dacca, 30th March, 1901)

Bharat Niti is an initiative to help our countrymen realise the treasure at their hands and achieve fulfillment in their life through the Sanatana Dharma.

The Bharat Niti- Digital Hindu summit focuses on all these and has wide panel of achievers and scholars to discuss on the topic listed.

Do join hands in building a stronger nation with a stronger foundation of Sanathana Dharma.

The details of the event are available on the website, do register and participate.


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