After BHIM app for digital payment, the next big revolution to hit the market soon…check what it is!

Now you can pay all your bills together, anywhere, anytime.

After BHIM app was launched by the Modi government, India’s leading banks have now adopted an easy digital payment solution. The new payment system is called Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).

It is a system which is available to net banking customers. You no longer require waiting in long queues to pay your water bill. You will be no longer required to visit 5-6 different sites for your water bill, DTH bill, phone bill, electricity bill, mobile bill etc. All these payments can be done in one go, by clicking on the BBPS option through net banking.

Make all your bill payments in one go. It has never been so easy and convenient before. Sometimes it happens that you want to pay your electricity and mobile bill. After you pay your mobile bill, if you decide to visit your electricity service provider site, it may happen that the site is down, very slow. It can occur due to heavy traffic on the website. As a result, you may have to wait for few more minutes, or decide to postpone the bill payment, to a later date.

With BBPS, you will not lose this time. You will not forget to pay your bill next time, or worry to remember the last date of bill payment. Also, you are saved from the hassle of registering yourself at different sites. Once you decide to make your bill payment, it can be done online in few simple steps; all at one time.

BBPS will soon be made accessible to non-customer, as in people who don’t have an account in the said Bank. Non-customers will be able to access it on their mobile.

What is BPPS?

It is a payment system approved by RBI.


In simple words, it is an integrated online platform, which links banks and non-banking entities for payment.

How does it work for net-banking customers?

Customers will need to log in with their net banking details. They can choose to make different bill or any other payment by using this scheme. Multiple bills like DTH, phone bills, electricity bills, can be made using the BPPS option. You need not worry to go to a DTH site, for example, to pay your bill.

After your click on the BPPS icon, the screen below will appear. You will be required to key in your mobile number followed by date option. Or simply enter their transaction number.

As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), there are top 20 cities generating Rs 6,223 billion in bill payments every year – and over 70% of these transactions are still predominantly being carried out by cash or cheques. Therefore, BPPS system is also available in an physical outlet format

Pooja Bhatia