Big blow to China!!! India is Behaving Like “Mature Power” In Doklam Standoff: US Defence Expert

The international bully is on a verge of crying. Yes, the China has miserably failed in its pressure tactics to threaten India. China shares border with only 14 nations but has border disputes with 23 nations. Now if China doesn’t force Indian soldiers to retreat from Doklam, than even those 23 nations will not fear for China anymore. So the international bully used its newspapers, reminded of 1962 war and many more. But India didn’t even move an inch back from Doklam area. This was a huge slap on its face.

India Behaving like Mature Power in Doklam Standoff: USA praise India

The calm and composed move of India has got appreciation from the global super power USA. Yes, it has said that India is “behaving like a mature power” in the Doklam standoff in the Sikkim section and making China look like an adolescent throwing a tamper tantrum. This was said by a top American defence expert.

This had been really a big boost for India because many were in a confused state thinking whether India is taking the right step or not. Now Rahul Gandhi and brigade might have got an answer.

James R Holmes, professor of strategy at the prestigious US Naval War College said that “New Delhi has done things right thus far, neither backing away from the dispute nor replying in kind to Beijing’s over-the-top rhetoric.”

The Chinese had provoked India in every possible way so that PM Modi will take a wrong move. But Modi’s strategies toppled the entire agenda of the dragons.

James R Holmes also said that USA had not intervened till date, but if it jumps into the picture than it would surely favour New Delhi. Now it is clear that if war breaks than China will be definitely be cornered.

Why this is a big setback for China

United States’ statement has become a setback to China because till date China was getting aggressive when it came to India’s borders. But now India is gaining global support and even Russia is pointing its missiles on China. So if it breaks out war against India then surely India will garner support of the world’s powerful nations.

Nishika Ram