Big blow to Gandhi Dynasty! Modi Government to change Nehru Memorial to Museum for all Prime Ministers of India

As an Indian, I really appreciate the move of Modi government! Because, throughout my school syllabus, I was only studying about Gandhi dynasty and to the certain age, I thought that only Gandhi family deserved to rule this India! But, after I got to know that my assumptions were wrong and stupid! I blame education and the government for this because they did not re-innovate the syllabus with truth!

Yes! The Modi government has started work on setting up a national museum dedicated to all prime ministers of India at the Nehru Memorial Museum and  Library.

As the sources reported, “The Central Public Works Department (CPWD), the prime construction arm of the government, has begun the groundwork for the museum.

The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, located in the iconic Teen Murti Bhawan in Lutyens’ Delhi, has so far been associated only with India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

As economic times reported, “ CPWD created a separate ‘Teen Murti Project Division’ to implement the ‘Museum for Prime Ministers of India’ project last week and kicked off an internal exercise to identify officers to spearhead the initiative. There would be no change in the basic structure of Teen Murti Bhawan, the people cited earlier said, and the museum would be housed in the Bhawan complex, for which a suitable site has been identified.

Surprisingly, the memorial gives visitors a glimpse of Nehru’s professional life and ideologies. Teen Murti Bhawan library is one of the richest sources for archival material related to the history of modern India. Built in 1929-30, Teen Murti Bhawan became Nehru’s official residence after Independence. In 1964, after his death, the government decided that it would be dedicated to him and house a museum and library.

But, now, the Modi government wants to convert it into a museum showcasing all PMs of India. It had first made its intentions known in earlier 2016 and followed it up with an advertisement in August 2017 for the appointment of a professional advisor for setting up the museum. This was seen by Congress as an attempt to belittle the legacy of Nehru! Though the memorial is an autonomous body under the culture ministry, the Congress has been protesting since the Modi government cleared its intention.

According to the reports, “The government wants to use digital and other modern technologies that save space. The idea of virtual technologies was discussed as well. The members, however, agreed that the library needs to be modernised with focus on research, academics and archives.”

Though associated mainly with Nehru, the library’s archives thankfully contain the bulk of Mahatma Gandhi’s writings, besides papers of C Rajagopalachari, Jayaprakash Narayan, Charan Singh and Sarojini Naidu! That is the only hope which is left for us, the Indians that some have connected to politics of India, 50 decades ago!

The question is simple! Besides Nehru, there are memorials of former prime ministers Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira
Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. And it has been long debated that the other prime ministers should have memorials too. Why has Gandhi family been glorified since 1947? Why did any civilian not question it? Ain’t the other Prime Ministers of India deserves museum?

Thank god! Finally, someone from Modi government has thought about it!

Prithu Agnihotri


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