Big Boost for India! Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank said “Indian Economy is growing amazingly fast and can double within a decade”

It is sad for nation if you cannot recognize the efforts of the government and keep on blaming it for unnecessary reasons. If at international level your nation is making it’s presence felt then why you have blindfolded your eyes? Why you can’t see that your nation is progressing?

Today India is being praised by almost all international organizations due to its schemes, policies and big moves of demonetization and GST. It is all possible due to continuous efforts of Narendra Modi Government. From the time Narendra Modi Government has assumed office, he and his party has dedicately worked for the nation. Always at national as well as international level Modi government has made the nation proud. Never a day has went in which Modi Government have not done anything for the citizens of the nation.

But still, some of the  Anti-national forces has to target Modi Government. They have to defame Modi Government. They have to raise question on their policies and moves. They have to divert public attention from the good work of Modi Government.

Anyhow, whatever these forces may try they will not be successful in their attempts as time to time Modi Government has deserved recognition of his work from world leaders and organizations who are well versed to understand the improvements going on in the nation and also with the false propagative agenda of Opposition.

Providing a big boost to India, this time one of the top officials of  Asian Development Bank (ADB), Chief Economist Yasuyuki Sawada has lauded the nation. Yasuyuki Sawada has said that the projected GDP growth of India of over 7 % for the current fiscal is amazingly fast and if India would move on with the same speed the size of the economy may double within a decade.

Advising the nation Chief Economist Yasuyuki Sawada has said that seeing the current trends India should not pay more attention to growth rate of 8 % for the economy but the nation should pay its attention to some other aspects such as increasing domestic demand. And to increase the domestic demand the nation has to resolve the issues of income inequality. It has to reduce the income inequality.

Chief economist also laid stress on the point that Of course, export is one part of growth driver but to achieve more growth India should focus more on domestic consumption than exports. He said that Domestic Market is a major factor in India’s growth, Half of India’s half growth is based on domestic consumption followed by investment.

Another factor that could contribute to achieve higher growth is inequality and poverty reduction because consumption will increase the level of production, more production will be there which will ultimately lead to more employment. Along with pushing up services sector He also emphasized on the point that if the standard of living of poor people will be raised automatically they will turn out to be good consumers and can contribute to the growth of economy.

Whatever Anti-Nationalists may shout but one thing is very clear and can’t be denied that Nation is progressing and being recognized globally due to Modi Government continued efforts. The size of India’s economy is about USD 2.5 trillion currently, making it the sixth largest in the world and is on track to double the size of its economy to USD 5 trillion by 2025.