Big Breaking!!! 8 Congress and 2 JDS MLAs are backing the BJP in the floor test tomorrow, so the BJP now has 116 seats?

Will discuss with Chief secretary and call for assembly session tomorrow. We are 100% confident that we will prove full majority: BS Yeddyurappa

116 MLA’s will vote for us, says BJP. We are confident enough about this and we are confident enough that we will be able to prove our selves, these were the words from BJP today. BJP has the support of 8 Congress MLA’s and 2 JDS MLA’s, according to sources.

We are ready for the floor test tomorrow. Supreme Court’s judgement upholds Constitution, previous precedents and quashes Congress’s opportunistic politics. We have trounced Congress in elections, it won’t be any different on the floor of the House!

Today, the Supreme Court has ordered that the BS Yeddyurappa-led BJP government in Karnataka that was sworn into power on Thursday prove its strength on the floor of the Karnataka Assembly in a test at 4 pm on Saturday. In doing so, the apex court cut short by two weeks at the time that the Karnataka Governor had afforded BS Yeddyurappa in his letter inviting him to take an oath.

The entire issue was blown air in Karnataka after the BJP Party arose as the single largest party after the Karnataka Elections 2018 results was announced on 15th of May this month. BJP fell short of 8 MLA members and thus could not celebrate its complete victory.

Congress gets big relief from SC. #FloorTest that was to be conducted two weeks later, is now to be conducted tomorrow at 4 PM. But wasn’t SC being controlled by Modi as per Congress?

Meanwhile, my sources say that BJP has the numbers and will be able to prove its majority tom.

So is there a surprise for the Congress in store? 

Why does the Congress forget that BJP would have thought all possibilities and would workout on an alternative plan before it could get into the election battle. Well, BJP has master minds in its hands and is not run by fools of Congress. India trusts the Single largest party.

The Congress and JDS MLA’s were taken by buses to resorts and hotels in Bangalore with an intention to keep them together and ‘keep the flock together’. Both Congress, as well as JDS, have combined hands together in order to beat BJP no matter what. But after all, BJP led by the King Maker himself, there is no pointing of letting the party down.

Source: Republic World


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