Big Breaking! Aranb Goswami was threatened by Lalu Prasad before the launch of Republic TV?

Arnab Goswami makes a shocking statement where he claims that his channel was pressurised by Lalu Prasad Yadav48 hours before the launch of “Republic TV”. Lalu was scared that his link with criminal Shahabuddin would be exposed.

Today Republic TV reporter had approached Lalu Prasad regarding his tapes with criminal Shahabuddin. Report asked Lalu that “what is your relationship with Shahabuddin?”

Immediately after hearing this question Lalu lost his cool asked abused the reporter that “Apne Baap se pooch”( Go, ask your dad) and let his bouncers manhandle the reporter. Lalu was dumbstruck by these questions and had no answers. So he adopted his old style of “Rowdism”.

Before 48 hours of launch of Republic TV, Lalu Prasad had made several calls to Republic TV to find out if they are telecasting anything about him. Arnab Goswami  said that exposing Lalu completely is the only solution for this “Jungle Raj” to end.

Arnab Goswami revealed this shocking information after the Republic TV reporter was manhandled and used abusive languages. Arnab Goswami even made a derogatory sentence on PM Modi.

Arnab Goswami had made 3 shocking expose about Lalu and family since the day it was launched. They are

  • Lalu’s interaction with criminal Sahabuddin. Lalu was clearly caught by Republic TV
  • The arrest of a chartered accountant linked to a private firm owned by Misha Bharti, daughter of Lalu Prasad. So Misa is presently under the IT dept radar
  • Lalu’s son was exposed as he had illegally acquired lincense for a petrol bunk

Rajat Bhandary