BIG BREAKING! Arvind Kejriwal dumps Delhi, to be CM candidate of Punjab!

Finally the prediction of all who knew Kejriwal’s real face has come true. Arvind Kejriwal has given a hint that he may soon dump Delhi and flee to Punjab.

Yes, the Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia today made a statement requesting the people of Punjab to vote for AAP, “as if” Kejriwal will be the next Punjab CM!

This is the biggest hint given by Kejriwal that he may soon leave Delhi and go to Punjab if AAP wins maximum seats. This was well predicted many months back by Psephologists that Kejriwal never wanted to develop Delhi, he just wanted an escape route and keep jumping from state to state, complaining about the system.

The most important thing to be notes here is Manish Sisodia has deliberately used the word “AS IF” so if the plan backlashes he can simply escape easily saying that he Kejriwal never claimed he wanted to be CM. And if Punjab votes for AAP, then he can abandon Delhi and occupy the CM chair in Punjab.

Its a dirty trick, AAP is playing to fool the voters of Punjab. They very well know that the chance of winning Punjab is very weak and they need a twist in the story. Which is why they are desperately giving the hint to Punjab voters that Kejriwal will be there CM if they come to power.

This is a well planned strategy by Kejriwal to confuse the voters. Manish Sisodia’s statement doesn’t promise anything but its just an option to be used if AAP wins Punjab. Kejriwal was never a leader, he can never be one in the future as well. His main intention is to disrupt the democracy of the country with his unconstitutional dharnas.

His support to Khalistan terrorists in Punjab is a matter of serious concern. It is also told that Khalistan terrorists are the main funding agents for AAP, which is exactly why he desperately wants to win Punjab elections. AAP winning Punjab is nothing but opening doors for the Khalistan terrorists which may lead to complete destruction of Punjab in next 5-10 years.

Kejriwal has always had links with Anti India lobby and has been working for the those organizations which is trying to destabilize Indian democracy since decades. It is important that people of Punjab choose their leader carefully instead of regretting later like Delhiites!

Aishwarya S