Big Breaking!!! Bail granted to Colonel Purohit; Now where is the “Saffron Terrorism”?

They tried to tag the serving officer as a terrorist but even this time justice prevailed. After 9 years Colonel Purohit has been granted bail. Colonel Purohit was tagged as an accused in Malegaon blast case.

Supreme Court today granted bail to him. The Supreme Court had earlier last week reserved its order on Col. Purohit’s bail plea in the Malegaon blast case.

Wife of colonel Purohit, Aparna Purohit, after hearing this news, said that she cannot express the joy she is feeling right now. She also said that Colonel’s love for India is eternal.

Again, the hero of this case was Lawyer Harish Salve who even fought for Kulbhushan Jadhav at the international court. He had earlier argued that in 9 years no charges have been framed and interim bail also not being granted. He questioned, “Where is the criminal justice system?” and added that the ATS did not collect the evidence properly.

During the hearing three days ago, NIA opposed Col Purohit’s bail plea and said that there was “sufficient evidence against Col Purohit.”

Now those who wanted to tag him as a terrorist will be soon exposed in the court of law as the public already know who are behind this. This staunch patriotic officer was portrayed as having links with few organisations. But it was interesting that Colonel had even got commendation from Army for his excellent service rendered.

During an army’s Court of Inquiry as many as 59 witnesses stated to the court that Purohit was doing his job (of gathering intelligence inputs) by infiltrating extremist organizations. Officers have testified that he was doing what he was asked to do as a military intelligence man.

The ATS was questioned from day one as they never submitted any evidence against Colonel Purohit’s involvement in the Malegaon Blast. Loopholes and fabrication of evidence was evident and even Colonel has said that he was treated worst than a prisoner of war. He also said that it was a political vendetta.

Finally a political party has failed to prove that there occurs Hindu terrorism.


Nishika Ram