Big Breaking!!! BJP heading towards massive victory in Gujarat, leading in 100+ seats

“Postcard” prediction turning true: We said BJP will secure 98- 105 seats

As the exit polls said, BJP will ascend to the throne at Gujarat. The counting had started at 8 AM and the initial trend has been out. It clearly indicates BJP’s upper hand.

Yes, the BJP is leading in the Gujarat assembly election after the counting of votes began at 37 centres across 37 districts of the state.

  • BJP is leading in 100 seats whereas Congress is leading in 79 seats and others are leading in just 3 seats.
  • BJP is gaining in Central Gujarat and even in Saurashtra.

Gujarat elections were conducted in two phases, December 9th and 14th December, and 68.41 was the average polling done. It should also be noted that out of 4.35 crore registered voters, only 2.97 crore voters had exercised their votes.

Videography and CCTV coverage at all the counting centres!!!

The power-packed election had grabbed not just the nation’s attention but even rest of the world. So the counting centres had videography and CCTV coverage. Altogether, there were 781 counting tables at 42 counting centers with 2,820 officers, which included supervisors, 940 counting assistants.

What do the statistics say after Godhra riots?

In 2002, the BJP won 127 seats and got 44.81 per cent vote share, the highest ever while the Congress won 53 seats and got 35.28 per cent votes. In 2007, the BJP won 117 seats and 49 per cent vote share while the Congress won 59 seats with 39.63 per cent votes.

In 2012, the BJP got 115 seats with 48.30 per cent while the Congress won 61 seats with 40.59 per cent. But, the party is confident of winning the most crucial election in political terms.

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), a facility which ensured the election was fair!!!

A Voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) unit provides feedback to voters using EVMs for voting. The VVPAT functions as an independent verification system for EVMs and allows voters to verify that their votes are cast as intended. It also serves as an additional barrier to changing or destroying votes.

So, one polling station will be randomly selected for counting of VVPATs slips from each assembly.

 Channels BJP Congress Others
Times Now  109  70  03
Republic TV  108  74  00
 CNN IBN  109  70  03
 India Today  99-113  68-82  1-4
 India News  110-120  65-75  02-04
 News 18  108  74  
 ABP-CSDS  117  64  01
 VDP Associates  143  37  

Accurate exit poll from Postcard News!!! Congress is gaining in the Gujarat elections but……………

Hansika Raj