Big Breaking: Centre bans Cow Slaughter

On a sudden development, the Centre govt. has formulated a new regulation for animal trade in the nation were only farm land owners can carry on cattle trade.

“Take an undertaking that the animals are bought for agriculture purposes and not for slaughter,” says the special section for cattle in the rule notified under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960.

The proviso also says that cattle bought cannot be resold within six months impinging the business of cow traders.

Cattle can be sold only to a person having documents to prove he is an “agriculturist”, the rule says, adding “young” and “unfit animals” cannot be sold.

The new rules were approved by former environment minister Anil Madhav Dave before his death last week, ministry sources said.

In recent times many had urged for the ban on cow slaughter including people from minority communities. That was a welcome move.

It was surprising when Azam Khan, leader of the Samajwadi Party in UP said that “It is not mandated in Islam that Muslims should eat meat. Ulema should appeal to the people that they should stop eating meat”. He also said that cow slaughter should be banned across the nation.

Cattle slaughter in India is not supported massively because of the cow’s traditional status as a God in Hinduism. Dairy products are extensively used in Hindu culture and are one of the most essential nutritional components of Hindu meals. “Article 48” of the Constitution of India mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves.

This move may garner support from everyone unless dirty politicians jump into the picture. Till date, communal tensions were mainly due to cow slaughters. So let’s hope to see a tremendous downfall in the communal tensions in the days to follow.

Manu Samhita, chapter 4, verse 162 says: A guru, a teacher, a father, a mother, a Brahmana, a cow and a yogi all should never be killed.

Source: Hindustan Times

-Vikrant Raj