Big Breaking!!! Close ally of Jagdish Tytler raided by Enforcement Directorate

Today, the “Enforcement Directorate” conducted search operations at few areas in Mumbai in connections with the money laundering investigation against Pune based Hawala owner Hasan-Ali-Khan and others.

Officials of Enforcement Directorate said, “The agency launched the searches early in the morning on at least four premises in Mumbai and are acting under sections of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The agency, which has allegedly booked Hasan Ali Khan and few others under the criminal charges of money laundering in 2011, had hunted down dozen premises last year too, in connection with this invsestigation.

Finally, the actions taken on Hasan Ali and others had come about six years after he was first booked by the ED. The central agency wants to revive the case and wants to find every other evidences  linked with the case.

Hasan, who was jailed under anti-money laundering charges, was released on bail in August, 2015.

Connections with Congress leaders!

“Hasan Ali Khan stands accused of massive tax evasion and stashing money in secret bank accounts abroad. But the problem is that the law enforcement agencies have precious little evidence to back their claims. For one, UBS Zurich has already denied having any dealings with Khan.”

Indian government has asked the Indian mission in Berne to get in touch with banking authorities of Switzerland for obtaining details about Hasan Ali Khan’s Swiss bank accounts. Hasan Ali named Praful Patel during hawala interrogation.  His business partner Tapuriah revealed that Khan had intimate relationships with Congress leader RenukaChowdhury. Khan even gifted her a diamond worth 1.2 cr. He was also friends with Congress leader JagdishTytler, ex-Samajwadi Party leader & actress Jaya Prada, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh & Congress leader, Vijay Bhaskar Reddy, & film financier Yusuf Lakdawala.

JagadishTytler is very close to Hasan Ali and has been also allegedly charged for money laundering. It’s believed that he had funded for the party at various stages. JagadishTytler, who was a mass murderer, had raped several Sikh Women is also in a close relationship with Nehru Family. At the time of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency period, he played a major role in butchering India’s democracy.

Sushmitha Saptharshi