Big Breaking! Congress and AAP get hawala money from same bogus company reveals Income Tax department!

In a massive expose, the Income Tax department has nailed both Congress and AAP in a hawala transaction scam which shows both the parties received illegal money from the same company for years. The income Tax which was probing the matter since many days has now put forth all the documents and proof relating to hawala transactions in which thousands of crores were transferred to Congress party through a shell company.

But the shocking part is the company which was transferring the money to these parties is a bogus company which was only used for illegal money transaction. The Republic TV broke the news today which showed that Congress and AAP were involved in massive money laundering using bogus company.

The income Tax department has now served notice to Congress party demanding explanation of the money source. The documents submitted by the Income Tax department shows that a company named Goldmine buildcoin Pvt Ltd to which people called Mukesh Kumar, Ajay Kumar Upadhyaya, Hem Prakash Sharma and Yogesh Kumar are the directors was used for hawala transaction.

But the man Mukesh Kumar is the same person who had transferred crores of money to the AAP few months back. Arvind Kejriwal had himself endorsed that he received party donations from a man called Mukesh Kumar and the company was Goldmine Buildcoin. This shows that it was the same bogus company and same person who was transferring money to both Congress and AAP.

Mukesh Kumar had earlier revealed in the interrogation to Income Tax department that he was an hawala operator and runs bogus shell companies involved in transferring illegal money in the name of party funds.  So the same man was used by both Congress and AAP to get dubious funds for party.

This news is infact a massive blow to Congress and AAP who are already caught in various scams and are fighting existential crisis. The sources from Republic TV have confirmed that the Enforcement Directorate has taken up investigation into the hawala racket of the Congress party.

This matter is no surprise as it was very well known that Kejriwal had many links with Congress party and Sonia Gandhi since many years and he only pretended to be a mascot of anti corruption to get penetrated into the system. On the other hand, the Congress party has completely lost face and relevance in the country with their criminal activities and anti National stands.

As soon as the news of Hawala transaction broke out, Rahul Gandhi announced his trip to Italy and said he will be traveling soon. The Congress refused to comment on the Income Tax notice but the sources have revealed that they have requested more time from the Income Tax dept to respond.

Aishwarya S