Big Breaking! Congress forms an alliance with Akhilesh, accepts defeat before the polls!

Ramachandra Bhat K

At last kin of one family has surrendered to kin of other family. Yes, congress has scrapped Sheila Dikshit whom they had projected as CM face of Congress for UP and now suddenly Congress which had earlier decided to go alone and stop BJP from coming to power in UP has accepted defeat before elections. You may be wondering how is it a defeat when polls are yet to be held? We have several reasons for that. Take a look at them and decide yourself whether this is a defeat or not.

Gandhi family which right from independence had represented Uttar Pradesh today has no charismatic leader to help them win a state on his own. A party which only a few months ago had declared that they will be contesting all the 403 seats in UP is now allegedly demanding only 100 seats. Rahul Gandhi who had held Kisan Yatra to show his concern for the farmers of the state (which he does in every state) just before elections could not attract crowd as much as they had planned. People were expecting either Rahul or Priyanka to bite the bullet and taken on Modi by declaring themselves as UP CM face, that too did not happen.  Prashant Kishor who was appointed as Chief Election strategist with so much fanfare is nowhere to be seen in the picture. Doesn’t all this reveal the inevitable, that Congress has accepted defeat even before the elections and now the top leadership is tension free as they will have someone else to blame for the defeat of the party.

This is the second time Congress has accepted to play the role of a supporting actor in elections. The party which has a century old history and its top leadership who have represented Uttar Pradesh for the past 70 years has suddenly become a party with no formidable leader to be projected for the top job and also no confidence in itself to win the elections on its own.

Well it doesn’t only show the helplessness of Congress, it also reveals the helplessness of Akhilesh who after 5 years of governance which he claims were spent on developing the state has to get into an alliance with a party like Congress which is on self-destruction mode since Rahul Gandhi was elevated to Vice Presidency. Yes, what you’re thinking is right. If Akhilesh had actually developed the state as he claims he would have not needed support from anyone to fight the election, not from Congress at least.  Whether the two kins of family will sink together? Only time will tell.


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