Big Breaking!!! Congress leader’s body shattered into pieces due to a well-planned bomb blast

A Congress leader brutally killed in Telangana.The Suspects are the Congress workers themselves? These congressmen are openly involved into genocide across India just because of political grudge. Are they ready to kill anyone for political throne? Has killing someone become a joke in India? Where is the law of nation ending up?

Political rivalry can lead to any extent of revenge- you don’t agree? Here’s the proof.

A Congress leader who had contested for the post of Sarpanch has been killed under a master plan. In a shocking incident, a local Congress leader was brutally murdered in his sleep by unidentified men in Telangana’s Nalgonda district on Tuesday.

The assailants planted crude bombs under N Dharma Nayaka’s bed while he was sleeping outside his house and detonated them, leading to his brutal death. The police has ruled out the murder as politically motivated. They suspect it to be a case of personal enmity; they suspect illicit relation of the victim behind the killing.

Dharma Nayaka’s sleep turned to be his last peaceful sleep. “He met a merciless death in his residence. Blood shattered all over walls and his body was blown into pieces and fell apart, leading to his instant death”, as reported by the police.

The killing took place when the deceased N Dharma Naik, a Congress leader and Upa-Sarpanch of the village, was sleeping outside his house in Chintapalem village of Telangana’s Nalgonda district.

Revenge led to the blast!

Unknown persons detonated crude bombs under Nayaka’s bed when he was sleeping outside his house. His body was blown into pieces and fell apart leading to his instant death, police said. The murder sparked tension in the hamlet and additional forces were rushed to the hamlet to prevent any untoward incident.

The congress victim was said to be a very rude man. He is said to have had the head weight of being a Congress leader and the Sarpanch himself. This attitude of him was not liked by many among his own party members. They have been warming him since a long time now.

A literal “Cut throat” competition among the Congress leaders!

This is the second incident of killing a Congress leader in the district in the recent times. A number of such brutal murders have been reported in Telangana earlier. The fact cannot be ignored that Telangana is well known for its bomb blasts and threats for the BJP workers. Earlier in January, Senior Congress leader and Nalgonda municipal chairperson Boddu Lakshmi’s husband, Boddupally Srinivas was bludgeoned to death by unidentified persons in Nalgonda town. His body was found in a canal near his house.

The Congress claimed the killing a politically motivated one and took up protests demanding fair probe into the killing. Srinivas’ followers who had recently defected from the party were suspected to be involved in the murder.
A series of bomb blasts have been reported in Telangana in the past. Has bomb blasts become a child’s play for the people there? Why no law and order acts upon these incidents? Though we knew Congress was into sucking the nation’s blood. But have they become thirsty for each other’s blood these days? Well, you know Congress can get down to any extent to keep hold of the throne?

Local Congress leader killed in the blast as Assailants plant a Crude bomb under his bed… N Dharma Nayaka had his last sleep..

Source: Indianexpress.com
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