Big Breaking!!! Congress MLA strikes a deadly attack at BJP MLA in Gujarat Assembly

We have just recently witnessed a Congress blunder by a Congress MLA’s son who has trashed a innocent guy in a restaurant . And next there raises up a issue by the close aide of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, who threatened to set up the BBMP office on fire and openly threatened to kill a Government officer for not obeying his illegal orders. And now there arises this issue, a Congress MLA has hit BJP MLA in the Gujarat Assembly using his mike.

A video of MLA Pratap Dudhat has been captured, where he can be seen thrashing BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal with a mike. This is what literate Congress Hooligans are upto. Are they? Congress President Rahul Gandhi claims his party members to be disciplined and well-behaved. But this is what the behaviour they show in the Assembly, where one needs to show respect to the Constitution of India.

Congress Hooliganism is crossing limits after each incident now. Officers, Government employees, common man no one is spared. Its the turn of a BJP MLA now.

Scuffle between Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat and BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal inside Gujarat Assembly

With no end in sight to the ongoing stalemate in Parliament, and opposition parties accusing the government of not being interested in debates, the BJP blamed the Congress for the impasse, calling it “anti-democratic.”

Congress not letting Parliament function: BJP 

At the BJP Parliamentary Party meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar told party MP’s that the Congress, which had agreed for a debate under Rule 193, which does not involve voting at the end of the debate, has backtracked. But the government will push its financial business this week itself, even if there is pandemonium in the House, since it has a Constitutional obligation to fulfill, he said.

Talking to reporters after the meeting, Kumar said the government has been in talks with different parties to end the stalemate. Taking a jibe at Congress leader Sonia Gandhi’s invite to opposition leaders for a dinner, he said the Opposition’s politics will only be about dinner, while the BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains a “winner”, with the NDA attracting more allies. He cited BJP’s alliance with local parties in the Northeast and claimed that the NDA is becoming “NDA-plus”.

Accusing the Congress of being anti-democratic, Kumar alleged that the party still has an Emergency-like mindset. “It continues to have a similar repressive mindset towards democracy. The Congress is not letting Parliament function. It is our duty to let it work, and the government has been doing everything to ensure that happens,” he said.

Sources said the government will take up discussion and voting on demands for grants and the Finance Bill Wednesday. The BJP has given a three-line whip to party MP’s to be present in the House for three days until Thursday. “However, the minister said that there should not be any misunderstanding that the session would be adjourned sine die immediately after that,” an MP said.

The frustration of Congress party members of not winning elections are thrown out by thrashing opposition members and innocent people now. they are left with no other way to throw out their depression of winning the polls.