Big breaking! “Dhingra Report” nails Robert Vadra; Exposes how Vadra looted India by Sonia’s grace

Finally the “Dhingra Report” is out and what it says is really shocking. It clearly shows how Congress govt bent each and every rule to favour Robert Vadra. We know that Robert Vadra is the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. Vadra is a unique business man who funds his ventures through corruption.  He dont even remove a single penny from his pocket but uses the hard earned money of the public which they pay to the government in the form of tax, just because Sonia Gandhi is his mother-in- law.

Robert Vadra had approached the officials to get the license for the “Skylight Hospitality” but he did not fulfil the conditions. So it should have been rejected. The Letter of Intent (LOI) will lapse in 60 days if the conditions are not satisfied. So it was sure to be rejected by the officials. But shocking is that, all of a sudden the then CM Bhupindra Singh Hooda intervenes and grants permission to allot the license. Actually the law says CM doesn’t have any right to do that.

A very high level of corruption and nepotism is been carried out in this scam. Every bit is exposed in the “Dhingra Report”. The skylight hospitality didn’t even have adequate land but licnese was granted.

Shocking is that a lady named Nirmala Devi had approached Govt for the land to start a small middle school but Hooda govt rejected saying she is not a VIP.

The govt even went ahead and bent certain rules just for the sake of benefitting Robert Vadra. The CM clearly by passed the authority to help Vadra.

We use ATM to withdraw our own money from the ATM, but Robert Vadra use “Sonia Gandhi Card” to get whatever possible work done without any expense.

The list of scams done by Congress is unending. These are cheating the Indians every single time. They are draining the nation’s wealth for their personal greed. It all started with Jawaharlal Nehru and is still continued. Now Sonia Gandhi combined with Vadra is continuing her vision of keeping alive their family business of corruption.

Time has come to end this. Hope “Dhingra Report” clicks in the court and these go behind the bars.

Source:Republic TV

Rajat Bhandary