Big Breaking! Did Arvind Kejriwal order to kill the one who exposed PWD scam?

On a shocking incident, Rahul Sharma who exposed the PWD scam had been shot at while he was travelling in his car. But he managed to escape without hurt.

Rahul was travelling in a car when he was overtaken by 2 motorcyclist. Later they stopped their bike and one person got down and approached the car and fired a round at Rahul but it missed him. Later they tried to load another round. But people gathered around the incident location so they had to flee. A man tried to follow them by they managed to escape.

Recently Rahul had tried to investigate a scam where a contract was agreed to complete below 50% of the tender price. So Rahul asked the invoice from the contractor so that he can verify the suppliers of the materials. But the invoices provided were found as fake and the supplying company didn’t even exist.

Rahul said that govt officials are also involved in the scams. They were trying to wipe off the proof. He said that price was inflated by 50%. Rahul questions that if a cement bag is worth rupees 300 to 400 how the contractor did purchase it at rupees 150 or so.

Sharma questions the death of Bansal who was an accused. Conflicting reports were given over Bansal’s death. Surendra Bansal was Kejriwal’s relative.

Rahul Sharma is the founder of Roads Anti-Corruption Organisation (RACO) had submitted to the ACB for a probe in the alleged “mysterious” death of Kejriwal’s relative Surender Bansal.

A complaint was filled by Sharma against Kejriwal, Bansal, proprietor of a construction firm and a public servant for alleged irregularities in the grant of contracts for roads and sewer lines in Delhi.

Rahul Sharma today said that he will not stop his fight against the corrupt even though his life is at risk. Now CM Arvind Kejriwal is directly under the scanner.

Every day a new scam is getting exposed where Arvind Kejriwal is the prime accused, so did he try to put an end to this activist who was a thorn to him?

Rajat Bhandary