Big Breaking!!! End of “grand alliance”? BJP has extended external support to Nitish Kumar

Everything is happening in India. Modi is all set to answer the provocation of Chinese, Modi is rightly handling the rogue nation Pakistan and now PM Modi is all set to make India a saffron country.

BJP state president of Bihar, has lent the support to the Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) government. The “grand alliance” is presently popular for all wrong reasons. Nitish’s ally Lalu Prasad Yadav is being booked in one after the another cases. Not even Lalu but his sons and daughter were involved in various scams and this had created huge embarrassment to Nitish Kumar.

Initially Nitish was silent on the scams and lawless practices by Lalu and family. But when PM Modi gave a master stroke by nominating Ram Nath Kovind as the Presidential nominee, the grand alliance broke.

If Nitish Kumar want to give better governance to the Bihar people than he must come out of the Lalu alliance. But Nitish didn’t open his mouth regarding breaking the alliance.

So, the BJP has taken a step ahead and has lent its support to form a government in Bihar to Nitish Kumar. Many were predicating that Nitish will soon ally with BJP. So all are looking forward to Nitish Kumar’s statement.

Source: Wikipedia

A party requires 122 MLAs support to form a government and BJP with Nitish can easily form a government. It both combine, the MLA count will go up to 124. So majority can easily be achieved.

Source: Republic TV

Nishika Ram