Big Breaking!!! “Hindu Gods equated to Alcohol” by SP leader in Rajya Sabha; Congress supports the insult of Hindu god

It was expected that the parliament would not function because Congress had made a list of fake issues to counter the Modi government. Congress which was talking of lynching (only of minorities) tried to corner the government. But when the Hindu god was insulted, it didn’t even condemn it. Yes, this is the reality of India’s opposition party.

Party MP equates “Hindu Gods to Alcohol”

Today in the parliament, SP leader while speaking, insulted Hindu god and equated to Alcohol. So, one question that haunts every Indian is that isn’t it “intolerance” when a leader insults Hindu god?

The BJP leaders started to raise slogans “Shree Ram Ke Apmaan Nahi Sahega Hindustan” (India won’t tolerate the insult of Lord Ram)

But another SP leader Ram Gopal said that even if the entire parliament session goes in vain, Naresh won’t apologise. Just look at this, these are our leaders. They can insult Hindu gods but they won’t a sorry.

Will these leaders speak so cheaply against any other religion? Answer is no, has the Hindu religion reached such a pathetic situation to tolerate this?

Anand Sharma of Congress said that there is no need to apologise. What else can be expected from a party which is based on Italian principles? Congress can communalise a crime and target Hindu religion but can’t oppose a leader who insults Hindu god?

Finally after he was condemned severely by the BJP, Naresh Agarwal expressed regret.

To bring down PM Modi, the opposition doesn’t even mind insulting Hindu gods. The citizens need to think lakh time before voting. Or else, a time may come where Hindus may be jailed for worshipping their gods.

Nishika Ram