Big Breaking!!! Indian Army conducts second ‘Surgical Strike’ against Naga Militants

This Sunday, the Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat had given out warning to Pakistan that India will conduct further surgical strikes if needed. Within days, his words are proved right but the target was someone else.

Today morning at around 4:45 AM the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes along the border of Myanmar. The target of Indian Army was NSCN (K) cadre and reports say that heavy causalities have been inflicted to these.

Indian Army’s Eastern command also reported that there is no casualty inflicted to the Indian Army in this strike. The Indo-Myanmar border has always been under heavy observation since years.

The naga insurgents were creating a bigger threat to India like the terrorists in J&K. It is alleged that Pakistan and China are providing finance as well as arms and ammunition to NSCN in their fight for independence against the Indian Government.

“In the early morning hours of 27 Sep, a column of Indian Army operating along indo-Myanmar border was fired upon unidentified insurgents. Own troops reacted swiftly and brought down heavy retaliatory fire on the insurgents. The insurgents then broke contact and fled from the spot. As per units, a large number of causalities were suffered by the insurgents. Own troops suffered no casualties during the firefight.

It is reiterated that own troops didn’t not cross the international border”, this was the statement issued by Eastern Command of Indian Army.

It was also reported that around 70 para-commandos were involved in the operation on the hideouts located near the border. Indian Army was very aggressive in the borders since the past 18 months and one cadre of Khaplang faction of NSCN was killed by the Army last month.

This aggressiveness was because in June 2015, 18 soldiers were killed by the terrorists of NSCN-K who had ambushed on a convoy of the 6 Dogra Regiment in Manipur’s Chandel district.

It should be also noted that today is the first anniversary of the surgical strike against Pakistan which had eliminated around 38 Pakistani terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers. 7 terror launch pads were destroyed during the surgical strike. Indian Para commandos had entered three kilometres across the Line of Control using helicopters.

Surgical strike is one of the secret operations carried out by the armed forces around the world, that aims to eliminate the enemy target and this will be done in just few minutes or hours. It also aims at incurring maximum damage to the enemy and minimal or no casualty to oneself.

Hansika Raj