Big Breaking! Kamal Hassan openly backs O Pannerselvam, asks Sasikala to back off!

The Tamil movie star Kamal Hassan has come out in open support to O Pannerselvam and said it is best to have OPS as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. In an exclusive interview provided to India Today, Kamal Hassan has revealed that he support Pannerselvam as CM and said that Sasikala should gracefully accept the mandate and back out from the CM race.

Actor Kamal Hassan has been expressing his views on tweets since yesterday requesting the political parties not to break Tamil Nadu into different country. He raised the issue of how we have wasted time for 60 years gambling on corrupt politicians. Now its time we move forward in developing the country. He also said that people have to come on streets when their leaders betray them and fail to do their job hinting at the current situation of Tamil Nadu politics.

In the interview, Kamal Hassan also said that Sasikala’s close proximity to Jayalalitha is no reason to for her to claim the CM post. “Time of dice playing was done with in Mahabharat. We can’t be playing dice and hawking our family wives and lives, in favour of some numbers (Sasikala’s MLA support). We don’t trade. We are the people” said Hassan.

For a question on whether Sasikala was imposing her will, Hassan said “Even I cannot impose my will. I can speak what I think, but can’t impose. Tamil Nadu has not had the best of service from politicians for more than 60 years. The first 10 years were glorious, but Congress..Kamraj-ji, Raja-ji.. they all became complacent. Then came Dravidian parties. Those promises were also not kept” giving a direct hint that he was definitely not favoring Sasikala, DMK and Congress for Tamil Nadu government.

kamal Hassan like never before has spoken his heart out. He said that he has chosen the words very carefully and is fully aware that his words will be easily twisted by the violent forces who are dominating the political class for quite sometime and said his anger has come to a level of exasperation, since 40 years all promises are broken by political parties and its high time people come out and say “You told us what democracy means, but we get to call the shots. We are not getting it. We don’t need leaders. We are not sheep. We don’t need to be led. We want people who work for the nation just like who we are.”

He said that he doesn’t have any close links with Mr. Pannerselvam, the last time I spoke to him was during Jallikattu issue and advised him to meet people in Marina beach. He added that “I am political, make my statement. I have political ideologies. I settle for what could be good for the people because they have the mandate to choose their leader. I am one of them. I don’t want my way all the way.”

These words of him are clear indications that Kamal Hassan may be interested in politics. When asked whether Sasikala was involved in massive corruption row, Hassan said “They are all there…It’s a conglomeration of corruption. Let’s not pinppoint a lady” and said Pannerselvam was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he managed things pretty well and has not shown signs of any incompetence, so it is good he continues in the post.

Credit: https://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/kamal-haasan-tamil-nadu-crisis-sasikala-panneerselvam/1/878296.html

Aishwarya S


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