Big Breaking!!! Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa resigns; Even after securing 104 seats, this is what the BJP got due to the dirty politics of Congress and JD (S)

Today at 4 PM, the floor test was scheduled in the Karnataka Assembly but what the Indians witnessed was a biggest twist ever, as the Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr BS Yeddyurappa resigned and stunned the Kannadigas.

Initially, the governor had given 15 days to the BJP to form the government in the state but later on as the Congress and JD (S) moved to the Supreme Court, the duration was cut short. Due to this, the BJP was unable to gather the required number of MLAs to prove the majority.

What Mr BS Yeddurappa said before resigning?

  • Prime Minister Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah on Ambedkar Jayanti made me the president of the Karnataka BJP and told me that I will be the Chief Minister. In no other state ever a future Chief Minister is announced by our party. Today I make the proposal that I have convened the Session and request the Speaker to oversee proceedings.
  • During the election campaign, I travelled the state extensively to understand the needs of the people, the Dalits the farmers. I am very grateful to the people of Karnataka for the support we received everywhere.
  • My only aim to form the government in Karnataka was to help the poor and farmers and waive off their loans. All that Congress has done is try to divide the society on the basis of caste and religion. I wanted to serve the people of Karnataka.
  • People have blessed us with 104 seats. The mandate wasn’t for Congress or JD(S) yet they formed an alliance to form the government. I condemn the backdoor politics done by Congress and JD(S).
  • “If only people would have given us 113 seats instead of 104, we would have made this state a paradise. But I will fight for the state till my last breath. We will get 28 out of 28 seats in Lok Sabha and I will win 150 Assembly seats for Narendra Modi.
  • I will lose nothing if I lose power, my life is for the people.

What happened in Karnataka was really shameful. The Congress and JD (S) captured the elected MLAs like prisoners in the resorts and this was against the spirits of the democracy.

Hansika Raj