Big Breaking!!! Karnataka Congress government brutally insults Rahul Gandhi at the Airport

Those were the days when the Congress leaders were jumping on to the feet of the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Let me mention again that it was during “those days”. But now, the Congress has got a 47 year old youth as their President.

But are the Congress leaders respecting Rahul Gandhi like they used to respect Sonia Gandhi? Answer is a big no.

Today, Rahul Gandhi landed in Karnataka to kick start the election campaign of the Congress party. Even before Rahul Gandhi’s arrival to the state, BJP leaders predicted that BJP will be leading wherever Rahul Gandhi campaigns.

How the Karnataka Congress insulted the Rahul Gandhi?

Soon after Rahul Gandhi stepped his foot out of the plane, none of the Congress leaders ran towards him with garlands, bouquets and roses, unlike how they did to Sonia Gandhi. Infact none approached towards him for a few minutes.

Poor Rahul Gandhi walked alone after getting down the plane and this video is making a buzz in Karnataka. What does this indicated? Are the Congress leaders not ready to accept Rahul Gandhi as their boss? Yesterday, Sonia Gandhi had written a letter to Congress workers demanding to accept Rahul Gandhi as their boss.

“We have a new Congress president and on your behalf and my own, I wish him all the best. He is now my boss, too. Let there be no doubt about that”, said Sonia Gandhi. But, it is apparent that the Karnataka Congress leaders have decided not to accept Rahul Gandhi as their new boss.

Rahul Gandhi’s Karnataka visit will be a boon to the state BJP?

The major crisis in Karnataka state is about Mahadayi water dispute. But in the year 2007, Sonia Gandhi had said in Goa that “We are committed not to allow river water diversion”. By this, she assured the people of Goa that Congress won’t give water to Karnataka.

Meanwhile, the BJP has fired at the Rahul Gandhi with these questions. Will he answer?

  • Sonia Gandhi has said she won’t allow a single drop of Mahadayi water to Karnataka.
  • You visited Mohammad Akhlaq’s home in Dadri immediately after his death.
  • 24 young Hindus, including Dalits, have been killed in Karnataka. Why haven’t you visited even one family till now?
  • More than 67 cases are pending against CM before Anti Corruption Bureau. To facilitate corruption, your government has destroyed Karnataka Lokayukta. Surveys have found Karnataka to be the most corrupt state in the country.
  • Isn’t it clear that, like always, you have failed to give a transparent and clean government?

Hansika Raj


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