Big Breaking!!! Lalu Yadav begged with Modi govt to save his sons from ending up in jail; He even promised to topple Nitish Govt in Bihar if Modi drops all cases against Lalu family

Lalu Prasad Yadav is cornered in all possible ways by the various government departments. Firstly Lalu’s link with criminal Sahabuddin was exposed followed by his daughter Misa Bharti’s money laundering and finally his sons in illegally acquiring license for a petrol bunk. Fodder scam is still haunting Lalu Prasad. If these charges were proved then the entire Lalu family would end up in Jail.

Lalu Prasad belongs to a special clan of politicians who are ready to do anything just to stay in power. And this greed made him to beg with Modi government. Yes, Lalu Prasad met 2 central government ministers and requested them to drop all the charges against his family.

Lalu requested Modi led ministers to help him out so that his sons’ political career won’t come to an end. Lalu also promised to topple Nitish Kumar’s government in Bihar if Modi government joins hands with Lalu. This is an absolute act of breaking the trust.  Lalu became a traitor by forming a conspiracy against Nitish government. Lalu clearly backstabbed Nitish Kumar.

This was confirmed by BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi.

It is said that Nitish Kumar also came to know about this act of Lalu Prasad. It was due to this act of Lalu; Nitish Kumar decided to back Ram Nath Kovind and didn’t pay any heed to Lalu’s request to support Meira Kumar. Nitish Kumar’s JDU even decided to attend the GST inauguration whereas majority of opposition parties had boycotted it.

This shows that nothing is right in Mahagathbhandhan (Grand Alliance)

Nishika Ram