Big breaking! “Mahagathbhandhan” breathing its last breath; Nitish Kumar soon to join hands with BJP to from govt. in Bihar

There is a massive political development in Bihar. Nitish has once again expressed his unhappiness with the Congress and Lalu’s RJD. He has realised that joining hands with “Maha Gatbhandan” (Grand alliance) has proved fatal to his dream to give corruption free governance to the people of Bihar.

Nitish was put into embarrassment after the entire Lalu family was exposed in various scams. But Nitish didn’t show his anger in public but gave a big blow to grand alliance by backing NDA’s Presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind despite Lalu’s regular request to support Meira Kumar.

Lalu went ahead and said that Nitish is going to commit a historical blunder but Nitish remaining static with his decision. Political analysts predict that Nitish will soon join hands with Modi govt and form a new government in Bihar.

Senior Congress leader Gulam Nabi Azad had commented on Nitish Kumar saying that people with one principle make one decision and those having multiple principles make different decisions. This derogatory comment came after Nitish Kumar labelling Meira Kumar as a losing candidate.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday said that the grand alliance in Bihar will soon be decimated as Nitish is fed up of Congress and RJD. It also said that PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar had a natural admiration for each other. BJP termed Congress and RJD as corrupt and criminal.

Sushil Modi of BJP said that BJP is always happy to welcome Nitish Kumar back to NDA family. The JD (U) also claimed that BJP is its natural ally.

Lalu’s son, Deputy CM Tejasvi Yadav’s comment also didn’t go well. Targeting Nitish, Tejasvi Yadav said that the leaders of grand alliance should think before they speak out something. He also said that Nitish has sidelined his ideology for mere political benefits.

Will Nitish join hands with BJP in Bihar?

After the Presidential elections, it is expected that Nitish Kumar will come out of grand alliance and join hands with BJP.

There are 243 seats in Bihar Legislative Assembly and Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) has 71 seats where as BJP has 53 seats. Lalu’s RJD has 80 seats and Congress with 27 seats. So if Nitish walks out of grand alliance, than he will easily cross the required numbers to form the Government in Bihar along with BJP.

Nishika Ram