Big Breaking!!! Modi government all set to ban Islamic Organisation PFI, which brain washed and converted Hindu girls

Popular Front of India (PFI), the Islamic organisation that was involved in trapping, brain washing and converting young Hindu girls, will soon be banned by the Home Ministry of India. The Home Minister Rajnath Singh has taken note of this organisation after the recent investigation totally exposed the dark truth that was going on in Kerala.

The NIA probe had revealed that PFI was actively involved in several anti-national activities. The political arm of PFI is Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and these both organisations were charge sheeted or convicted under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

The NIA had probed four cases, which included that of chopping of a professor in Kerala for allegedly speaking ill against Islam, carrying out terror camps in Kannur. Karnataka had witnessed series of murders of RSS workers and the investigation had revealed that PFI leaders were involved.

PFI was communalising Indian Polity!!! Wanted to enforce Taliban brand of Islam

Since years, there were allegations by Hindu organisations that PFI was involved in suspicious activities. But the incidents usually took place in the non-BJP dominant area, so it went unheard. But recently it was all exposed when the parents of Akhila filed a complained that their daughter was brain washed and converted to Islam.

Now reports have emerged that these organisation were aiming at enforcing Taliban brand of Islam and even communalise Indian Polity. Till date, our constitution has bound us together. But now, by misusing the freedom given by our constitution, these are pushing the nation into threat.

The NIA said that PFI was aiming at enforcing religious orthodoxy on its community. It also said that, “PFI had consistently been indulging in actions detrimental to overall national security”.

PFI founding leaders were SIMI activists!!!

What else can be expected from the organisation that has ideologies of SIMI? We all know that why SIMI was banned in the nation. Now, if PFI isn’t banned then they will involve in radicalising the youths and deviate them towards anti-social and anti-national activities.

PFI, an organisation that gets support from human rights organisations, was openly involved in sending hate messages on social networking sites and it had even radicalised the youths and attracted them towards terrorism. In the year 2008, in held a parallel parade during Independence Day but with hate messages; slogans were heard that demanded freedom of J&K.

What is shocking is that this organisation has presence in 23 states but its hold is very firm in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

When this organisation is banned, definitely we will witness large scale protests from their sympathisers but we expect this government to face it boldly.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/nia-cites-4-terror-probes-against-pfi-mha-mulls-ban/articleshow/60417361.cms

Nishika Ram