BIG BREAKING! National Advisory Council files reveal how Sonia Gandhi ruled the country from the back doors of Prime Minister’s office…The complete inside story!

Even after 2 and half years after Congress rule ended in India, the rude imprint they left on India still continues to haunt us. Their every step of mis-governance and corruption in every aspect has put unending impact on our country.

When Congress won the elections in 2004, the media gave a false hope to the country that Manmohan Singh was the best man to occupy the seat because of his track record as good finance ministry, they predicted that he will take India to greater heights and the economy will receive big boost. But what happened was exactly the opposite! Manmohan Singh was not the Prime Minister but it was Sonia Gandhi who became the real Prime Minister and controlled India from behind the screens.

For the first time in the history, a foreign lady with a controversial background had access to the country’s most secretive information. There could not have been a bigger disaster than this. Although the entire country knew that Sonia Gandhi was the main culprit behind every corruption and scams, Congress had always argued that Sonia Gandhi had no role and tried to blame every other person.

But now the Modi government has taken a big step to release all the 710 files of the National Advisory Council into public domain. The files will now provide every detail of the decision taken by the then UPA government and shows how absolute power was exercised by Sonia Gandhi with zero accountability since 2004 to 2014. The NAC which was formed under the chairmanship of Sonia Gandhi during the UPA took all decisions related to policy making, coal, real estate, disinvestment, governance, industrial sectors and business as per the Congress President’s recommendations.

The Indian Express got access to information related to files, which shows how NAC summoned all the bureaucrats to its office in Motilal Nehru place, wrote to ministers and sought compliance report, while the actual duty of the NAC was just to provide suggestion and support to the government and ministers in decisions related to policy matters and legislative business. The ministers and government had no choice but to implement all the decisions taken by the NAC.

From one of the excerpts taken from an NAC meeting held on October 29 2005, shows how NAC had taken final call on policy matters… “It was agreed that while implementation of the various recommendations of the commission would be the direct responsibility of the government agencies and other institutions, it would still be imperative to monitor and evaluate this process, closely, independently and credibly.” 

The NAC was the main decision making body which indirectly implemented all the decisions made by Sonia Gandhi. The file number File N.11012/2/2014-NAC (dated February 25) which was related to development of sports in North East region had a note which said…. “The recommendations on ‘Development of sports in the NE’ have already been communicated to the government by the chairperson vide letters dated 21st February 2014. The recommendations on ‘Development of cooperatives in India’ are also being sent to the government with the approval of chairperson.”

The chairperson here refers to none other than SONIA GANDHI!!!

File (N.9) relating to the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises contains a letter from NAC chairperson Sonia Gandhi to the then PM Manmohan Singh, dated September 16, 2004 shows that Sonia Gandhi was apprised of the government’s plan to reconstitute the Disinvestment Commission and set up a new board in its place to which Sonia Gandhi had returned a letter to Manmohan Singh saying “I would like to suggest that the first item in the terms of reference of the new board should be such as to enable it to look into ways and means for strengthening public sector enterprises in general and making them more autonomous and professional. The functioning of the board should not be limited only to restructuring or advising on the closure or sale of public sector enterprises that are referred to it by the government. I hope this matter will be considered on priority and a clear decision taken before the constitution of the board for reconstruction of public sector enterprises.”

What Sonia Gandhi exactly meant was…she wanted an autonomous body which was totally independent from the government and the board should have super powers and not just be an advisory body. This was exactly a plan to have super power over the government where she could influence all her decision through the autonomous board, just like NAC!  

The PM immediately implemented all recommendations made by Sonia Gandhi. Again on Feb 27, 2006, Sonia writes another letter to Manmohan Singh to form an apex board to take decision related to manufacturing sector saying “I thought that the issues outlined above needed to be taken up without delay for further consideration in the government” (Sonia’s letter (1728/CP/NAC/06).  This was to take control over the manufacturing sector.

Just within 6 months, the Prime Minister’s Office writes a letter to the Congress vice President saying “A special mechanism in the form of a high-level committee on manufacturing for implementation has been created as suggested in your letter to the PM.”

Likewise, every ministry had an advisory board which acted like a super power to take decisions related to all policy matters. In fact there were over 20 advisory boards which directly took orders from Sonia Gandhi and influenced the government to take decisions accordingly.

Sonia Gandhi was so authoritative and disrespected the office of PM so much that in the year 2011, she had written a letter to Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh, bypassing the Prime Minister which said the ministry was suppose to implement all the changes recommended by the NAC and wanted Deep Joshi and Aruna Roy to be part of advisory council. (Aruna Roy was the same person who had maligned India in the FAKE INTOLERANCE STORY, she had even opposed the construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat to stop the development project under the influence of  Ford Foundation group).

The influence of NAC was so strong that it almost gave orders to the PMO to implement every decisions and recommendation made on policies.

In the year 2013, the UPA had reached the zenith of destruction with endless corruption and scams out in open. The economy was ruined, the GDP had collapsed and government had no accountability and control of any ministry or any person. MMS had earned the title LAME DUCK and the Congress very well knew that it was its last chance to hide their face. In fact Sonia Gandhi had many things to cover and she was desperately trying to bury the proofs which pointed towards her for the decisions taken leading to massive corruptions.

In this regard Sonia Gandhi had made some major recommendation to the PMO and asked them to implement as soon as possible in the letter dated May 28, 2013 and Letter No.N 18014/4/2011-NAC-8301. But the bureaucracy had realized that Sonia Gandhi’s final recommendations to cover the misdeeds of NAC and was almost impossible to be implemented. It was then for the first time the PMO wrote a letter to the NAC, cabinet secretary and dept. of Legal Affairs secretary flagging major concerns and said “The need for transparency in the pre-legislative process cannot be over-emphasised. It is felt that it should be possible to achieve a greater level of people’s participation and transparency without endangering the process by fixing appropriate time limits and isolating the responses of pressure/interest groups from those of the general public.”

So for 10 years, our country was ruled by a foreign lady who passed on every details of the country from policy matters to defence procurement and logistic information of the armed forces and literally ruined the country to the core. Manmohan Singh despite knowing all the information remained mute and allowed the corruptions and scams to happen. He should feel ashamed of himself for letting a foreign lady take control over the country and make every Indian a slave under her.

Courtesy: The NewIndianExpress


Aishwarya S


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