Big Breaking! P Chidambaram’s son Karthi Chidambaram absconds to London after CBI raids his house!

Shameless Congress leader P Chidambaram’s son has absconded to London this morning after the CBI raided their houses couple days back. The ED and IT had filed various criminal charges against Karthi Chidambaram in many laundering cases and benami transactions act.

He was also accused of helping the INX media which was owned by Indrani and Peter Mukherjee through dubious means. Now shamefully, Chidambaram’s son has absconded just like Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi.

Dr Subramanian Swamy had yesterday tweeted that P Chidambaram, the former finance minister had also left to London early morning after rumors about his arrest. Dr Swamy said that Chidambaram had landed in London along with his friend CBN Reddy to wipe off the details about his illegal money transactions.

Dr Swamy had filed criminal complaint in the Supreme Court long back against Chidambaram and his son in Aircel maxis scam which had caused 6 lakh crore loss to the Nation.The IT department and ED had collected all documents related to illegal money laundering and scams to the court. Swamy had thus requested the courts and the government to arrest Chidambaram and his son immediately since the documents established a prima facie evidence against the both. Dr Swamy had even warned about both of them absconding if they are charged.

But now Chidambaram and Karti both have fled to London proving that they were involved in massive scam. They have followed the same foot steps of Vijay Mallya who escaped to London after he arrest warrant was issued against him.

The Congress which claimed that BJP and PM Modi was playing vendetta politics have gone into hiding after karti Chidambaram’s son fled to London. This is nothing but a blatant misuse of power and money by the former Finance minister.

Its a matter of utter shame and disgrace that the country’s former Finance minister ran away from the country after he was caught. The Congress government and their people have literally shamed the country with their filthy games.

Now the government has to take the issue seriously and issue arrest warrant against P Chidambaram and his son. It is a matter of shame that the country is letting these criminals escape so easily. They must be extradited and put behind bars for their criminal acts.

Aishwarya S