BIG BREAKING! Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif Resigns…Know Why?!

In a major development, the Pakistan army Chief Raheel Sharif has resigned from the post. He is said to have been facing great pressure both from government and army following the surgical strike from Indian army. The Nawaz Sharif government has appointed Lt. Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa as the new Pakistan Army chief.

Ever since the Indian army conducted surgical strikes on Pakistan, the LeT terrorists were repeatedly forcing the Pakistan army to give a free hand to terrorists, at the same time the Pakistan government was under severe pressure to act against the terror outfits in Pakistan. The Pakistan faced huge embarrassment in the global platform after the terror attack in Uri. The inability of the Pakistan government and army was seemingly visible which also led to the bitter spat between Raheel Sharif and Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif.

Modi government on the other hand was very firm on taking strict action against Pakistan’s constant cease fire violations and cross border terrorism. The Indian army had recently destroyed many Pakistani posts and terror camps which resulted in huge casualties on the Pakistani side.

India is also looking ways to put an end the Indus Water Treaty agreement which is providing 90% water to Pakistan. Modi just a day before, gave a another hint saying that “He won’t let a drop of Water to flow into Pakistan” which again made Pakistan worry about the future turn of events.

The Indus Water Treaty is a major agreement which has saved Pakistan from drought. Almost 60% of the Pakistan population depends on the water which flows through India for cultivation and drinking purpose. If India can cancel the treaty it will be a huge blow to Pakistan and has the capacity to destroy Pakistan completely. The Indian government was also looking options to cancel the MFN status to Pakistan which was signed 20 years back to facilitate the trade between the two Nations. But however the bitter relation with the two countries has never got better and seems like until Pakistan comes out of the clutches of Terrorists, there cannot be a meaningful relation with India.

Pakistan was greatly embarrassed when India opted out of the SAARC summit which was to be held in Pakistan this year. Following India’s decision all other SAARC Nations Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Bangladesh also cancelled the SAARC summit which made Pakistan lose face in the international summit. India also called for a SAARC summit without Pakistan which is gaining momentum and soon may be a reality.

The Pakistan government has also been facing pressure from the American government since almost 2 years to take strict action against terrorist. Although the Obama  government did not take much action against the terror sponsoring state, the new Trump government could prove a to be a pain to Pakistan in future. Donald Trump has shown a very strong sentiment against Pakistan for supporting terror activities on its soil and given a hint that he will stop all facilities and ammunition being supplied to Pakistan. Pakistan which is procuring all weapons and ammunition for the army from US since almost 3 decades is now facing crisis and wants to rope in China for help.

Overall Pakistan’s sudden decision to remove the Army chief shows that Pakistan has definitely been hit hard by the Modi government.

Aishwarya S