Big Breaking! Pakistan Army kicked out of Gilgit-Baltistan

Pakistan who constantly poked its broken nose since decades on Indian issues faced a massive blow when its own people revolted against it. It was not hidden from the world that Pak frequently used its Army against its own people in Gilgit and Baltistan. People from this area were denied human rights. People were brutally killed and tortured since years. Many videos had proved it time and again but Pak kept denying it.

But today on a big move Pakistan is been slapped by its own people from Gilgit and Baltistan. On a surprising move the people came out on roads and massively staged a protest against the Pak Army. Now will the Pak deny saying that these are fake videos or the protestors are Modi supporters?

What history says?

The area covers 72,971 km (28,174 sq. miles) with an estimated population of about 20 lakhs. Before the partition of India, Maharaja Hari Singh, ruled Gilgit and Baltistan as part of his princely state. A Pro-Pakistan rebellion, organised by Major Brown of the Gilgit Scouts at the behest of Pakistan overthrew Ghansara Singh, the Governor administering the region on behalf of the Maharaja Hari Singh, on November 1, 1947. Earlier it was a part of Maharaj Ranjit Singh’s empire. The British realising its importance had taken this region in 1935 on lease for an amount of 75,000 Rs to keep the region under their control. After November 1, 1947 for a brief period of about 16 days it remained in uncertain condition but later it was annexed by Pakistan. Since then even though it was a part of Pakistan but people were treated cruelly when compared to its rest of the states.


There was a regular fight for justice by the leaders of this place. But many lost their life but this time the people of Gilgit and Baltistan got united. They wanted only one thing i.e., Pak should vacate their land. We had seen that people of Gilgit and Baltistan even wanted to be a part of India.

These people were denied freedom to express their views also. But we may find that they constantly asked Modi government to help them out. But now it seems that they themselves will teach Pak a lesson. A rogue nation which never looked after its citizens in a just way but tried to interfere in India’s internal issues will be taught a lesson by its own people. Especially Shia community were the worst targeted in Gilgit and Baltistan.

Rajat Bhandary