Big Breaking! Pakistan behind Kabul attack: Afghanistan

Pakistan gets exposed once again. This time not in violating ceasefire or funding terror activities in the Kashmir Valley, but in its involvement in Kabul attack. Yes! Kabul had faced one of the worst terror attacks on this Wednesday and Afghanistan directly blamed ISI of Pakistan.

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry spokesperson Sediq Siddiqui said role of Pakistan’s ISI has been established in Kabul explosion. The blast that took place on Wednesday killed at least 90 people and left over 300 injured. As expected it happened to be Pakistan who performed this heinous act.

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan and the banned terror group the “Haqqani Network” was blamed for the blast by Afghanistan. Sediq Siddiqui also said that Pakistan must act against the “Haqqani Network”. He also expressed fear of more such attacks from Pak sponsored terrorists. Later he added that both India and Pakistan are the victims of the Pak sponsored terror attacks. Afghanistan even briefed USA about Pakistan’s involvement in this attack.

The “Haqqani Network” is an Afghan insurgent terror outfit based in Pakistan’s Waziristan and has carried out many high-profile attacks on US forces, high ranking Afghan officials and foreigners in Afghanistan. The network has ties with Taliban and Al Qaeda and the US considers it a major threat to Afghanistan’s stability.

Kabul’s high-security diplomatic zone was rocked by a powerful blast on Wednesday morning. The explosion occurred near the German embassy at one of the entrances to Kabul’s unofficial Green Zone.

While the sewage tanker carrying the bomb was stopped from entering the zone, it was unclear how such a large quantity of explosives could get through the ring of checkpoints set up around Kabul to protect the capital.

A huge crater ripped into the ground at the site of the blast and shattered windows in houses more than a kilometre away were testament to the power of the explosion, which was set off by a bomb concealed in the tanker. Indian embassy had also faced severe damage but none were injured. Windows were blown off.

The US led military campaign intended to put an end to Taliban is still active in Afghanistan. Regular clashes occur between the security forces and the terror outfits. Sad part is that thousands of civilians had also lost their life in these battles.

At last Pakistan will deny this as always even if proofs are provided.

Source: Indiatoday.in & Republic Tv

Rajat Bhandary