Big Breaking! Pakistan is more of a threat than an ally: US think tank

Lately but rightly the US think tank CSIS has judged the reality of the Pakistan. When the world is suffering from the Pakistan sponsored terrorism, many nations had a friendly hand shake with the Pakistan. But now they realised that they shook their hands with an infected person.

Yes! The most reliable and trusted think tank CSIS has said that the Pakistan is more of a threat than an ally. This has created a huge blow to the Pakistan. This has been an insult to Pakistan in global platform as this statement made by US will be considered seriously by other nations too.

Recently an US magazine that the ISI is been giving security to top terrorists from Al-Qaeda. Till now Nawaz Sarif was barking and roaming across Indian borders that the new US President Donald Trump was friendly with him.

Now it is interesting to see how Mr Donald Trump will react on this. Recently we had also seen that how London had suffered due to the Pak sponsored terror attacks.

Now the main question is, will the US cut off all the funding provided to the Pakistan. Pakistan regularly used these funds for terror attacks and it is not a secret anymore.

Source: Republic TV

Rajat Bhandary