BIG BREAKING! PM Modi’s big diplomatic win, Dawood Ibrahim’s assets worth 15,000 crore rupees seized in UAE!

According to a report on Tuesday, the UAE government has seized assets worth Rs. 15,000 crore of fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim. The UAE authorities have sealed his properties in Dubai. Only recently had the UAE government started inquiry on his assets based on a confidential list given to the government by NSA AjitDoval.

Dawood Ibrahim runs his business empire across the globe. The government had identified 11 close associates of Dawood, & 7 of his companies that deal in aviation, oil, power, construction & even garments. He has massive investments in India, Spain, Thailand, Pakistan, the UK, & some other nations.

The dossier given by India made mention of many of his properties including a company called the ‘Golden Box’ which could be run by Dawood’s brother, Anis Ibrahim.

Prime Minister Modi’s Diplomacy

A prime focus of PM Modi’s trip to the UAE was the seizure of Dawood’s assets. He had even taken AjitDoval with him which highlighted how serious Prime Minister Modi was to destroy Dawood Ibrahim & his extensive empire.

The government’s plan is to identify Dawood’s offshore assets & then freeze them, hence completely destroying him financially which will weaken him & his terrorist arms. Most of his assets are in Africa & Dubai & Indian intelligence agencies are identifying them & notifying them to the concerned governments so that action can be taken.

This comes not long after PM Modi’s trip to the UAE which shows that foreign nations recognize the seriousness of the issue, & are ready to help India take ‘revenge’ for all that Dawood has done. AjitDoval’s dossier lists firms like Dubai’s Oasis Oil & Lube LCC, Al-Noor Diamonds & Oasis Power LCC that are allegedly owned by Dawood. Other firms include Dolphin Constructions, King Video, Moin Garments, & a few others that have been under Indian security’s scanner.

“Dawood has close links with Al-Qaeda as a result of which the US declared him a ‘global terrorist’ in 2003 & pursued the matter with the UN to freeze his assets. Dawood controls the hawala system. His syndicate has consistently aimed to destabilize India through riots, terrorism & civil disobedience,” reads a paragraph of the dossier.

The file also mentions that Dawood’s cash comes from drug trade, fake currency rackets, realty & money laundering. Indian security officials believe that once his business empire is demolished, getting him will be easy.

Dawood has been dealt two major blows by Prime Minister Modi in a short span – 1) This seizure of assets & 2) Demonetisation. Although, it is not certain what kind of losses Dawood must have suffered due to demonetisation, but there isn’t any doubt that he must have been in for quite a shock when he must have realized that his stacks of fake Indian currency have turned worthless.

It is Prime Minister Modi’s resolve to remove the scourge of terrorism, fake currency, drug trade, & other such evils from India that is giving him the strength to deal with immensely powerful people like Dawood Ibrahim. His noble intentions, AjitDoval’s brilliant strategies, & the support of crores of Indians will soon enough result in India either taking Dawood captive, or neutralizing him.

Vinayak Jain