Big Breaking!!! Why did Robert Vadra meet the Chinese embassador?

Congress party has pushed itself into deep troubles. Yes, along with that they are into deep embarrassment too, because Robert Vadra was seen with the Chinese envoy. In a picture revealed by the “Republic TV”, the picture of Robert Vadra along with Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi can be seen with the Chinese envoy.

“Office of Priyanka” gave a response to it and said that they were invited by the Chinese envoy to a formal dinner at the Taj palace by the Chinese and also said that they visited the Chinese food fest.

Previously Rahul Gandhi had met the Chinese envoy and had put the Congress to shame to such a extent that they denied Rahul of meeting Chinese but later they were caught. We know that Vadra is definitely smarter than Rahul and has some political tricks, by why did he meet the Chinese? He is not even a part of the government nor was he holding any portfolio when UPA was in power.

These developments certainly is no good to our nation. Every Indian citizen started to voluntarily boycott the Chinese products after the border faceoff in the Doklam region. But these Rahul and family are happily meeting the Chinese one after the other.

Has the Gandhi family cracked any deal with the Chinese to destabilise the Modi government? Yes, for the time being this is certainly possible because when Rahul and Vadra were caught with Chinese, the Congress spokespersons are denying the meet. So if the meet with Chinese was of good intention than they would have posted in the officials pages. But the Congress tried to hide the meet. So something is wrong, certainly it will harm the nation.



 Source: Republic TV

Nishika Ram